Smart pushing?

7 01 2011

”Doing one thing at a time” is how one Zen Master defined Zen.

Eckhart Tolle, Stillness Speaks.

9.45 am-WoD: Beach Runs –  Amrap 20 min, side to side @ Camps Bay Beach, 75-80% effort:
6 full rounds, last @ 95%.

4 pm-WoD

A. Front Squats, (1+1/4), 5*3:
93kg/3, 97.5/3, 102/3, 107/3, No Double Dip: 111/4

B. In Team, but still individually, Prowler Push & Lateral Burpees:

Do 2 * 2 rounds up and down (10m) with first 40 kg and then 2 * 2 rounds with 20 kg, in between rounds your partner works and you accumulate as many lateral burpees as possible!

Total Time: 11’26 min, Total Burpees: 62.

Started this beautiful day off with probably the best and most rewarding beach run I’ve done so far. Was meant to be a recovery run at 75-80% but when the watch showed 17’30 min after 5 full rounds I decided to push it to get the last one in, and after sprinting all out the last half, (probably 350ish meters), I finished it on the second of 20 full minutes! Best feeling ever, legs wasn’t spent and my recovery was surpisingly fast, 2 minutes later I was already doing my Yoga on the rocks…

For the afternoon session I had planned to warm up with ”my” ringserie, but after the first strict MU my elbows was screaming and I decided to drop that one after one round. However my Front Levers was yet again better than ever that round. Need to programme my metcons a little smarter. With my history of flexor alignements that get inflamed over and over again I should look to not have too many pulling excercises in a row. Two-three days a week will be more than enough, especially considering the ”light” OL-work and rowings I do twice a week as well..

Front squats felt really strong, despite that I did max C&J yesterday. 111 for 4 is probably a ”4RM PB”, not really keeping track of those, and I could most likely have gone for a 5th rep. However, I felt that I was dropping my elbows a bit on the last one and my QL’s have been very tight lately, so rather not risk anything.

Roland wanted to push the prowler and I wanted to do Lateral Burpees so together we put this one on the board and it turned out to be pure awsomeness. The longer time you take to finish your prowler pushes, the more time your opponent/partner will have to accumulate burpees, no slacking in other words! I got off to an early lead with the burpees and managed to increase the distant slowly for each round, but in the end I think we both was as spent as we could possibly be…

Finishing off the weeks work early tomorrow morning with a sub 1’30-row and some Floor Presses, but still I think it’s more than ok to celebrate the first week of the year off with at least one glass of Pinotage to my grassfed beef tonight.





8 responses

8 01 2011
Marcus Herou

Du är stark OCH snygg 😉

9 01 2011


8 01 2011

Grymt fin linje på din rygg i dina böjar! starkt…

8 01 2011

Thx, rätt nöjd med den själv faktiskt. Särskilt om man jämför med min ostbågestil för ngt år sedan.. 😉

7 01 2011
Marcus Herou

Du är stark!

7 01 2011

Bamse säger att när man är stark måste man vara snäll, så: du oxå kompis! 😉

7 01 2011

Nice att du känner dig i form, fan vad du ska äga på regionals!

Fina frontsquats, rörlighetsträningen har gett utdelning!

7 01 2011

Japp, gäller bara att ta sig dit med videospektaklet oxå! Hålla sig skadefri och fortsätta ge allt så ska det nog lösa sig.. 😛
Tack, för att vara jag är de faktiskt riktigt stiliga, nu ska det bara på lite mer vikt!


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