2011 – Year of the Yogi!

3 01 2011

Imagine where you will be, and it will be so.

Maximus, Gladiator.

A. ”WU”, 500m row sub 1´30-week: 1´28.6 min PB! (-1.2 sec).

B. Snatch, max for day:
52kg/3, 60/2, 70/1, 77kg/1 PB! (+2kg), 79/F+F+F

C. Snatch High Pulls 3 by 3:
61kg/3, 70/3, 79/3

D. ”Secret Metcon”, 12-9-6, Sub 10 min:
5´00 min.

E. Tabata GHD Sit Ups:
12/12/11/10/8/8/8/7 = 76 reps

Like everyone else, I decided that this year is gona be mine. Come to a few realizations about my own mental weaknesses and from now on I will be working hard on overcoming them. Got off to a pretty good start anyway!
Still not maxing out on the rower in the beginning so actually think I will be able to shave one sec per week for a couple of weeks as planned..

My snatch setup is a little bit off, but the weights feel pretty light. Changing deadlifts to snatch balance and high pulls from now on to get better at this. Actually the high pulls today felt better than the snatch it self.

Metcon is nothing magic, just that me and CrossFitDave is working on a fun project that will be ”launched” next week. At least now he knows the rep scheme and the time frame, I went as hard as I could, but think he will give me a hard run for this one though! 😉
Basicly every session will be finished with some kind of Tabata for a while, how my pretty sore hip flexors will responds to the brilliant choice of GHDs will be interesting to see.

What else is new? Finished another book from Robin Sharma, ”The Saint, the Surfer & the CEO” was maybe not his best so far, but still got a lot of my flying thoughts into the right direction. Also went to see two movies this weekend, both ”The Town” and ”Tron 3D – Legacy” was worth seeing, especially the latter for some reason…

Yes, I do fall in love with almost any woman who crosses my road...






6 responses

4 01 2011

Wow, vilket pass! Jag tycker dock att rodden är mer imponerande än rycket(även om det också var bra), vilken förbättring sen förra veckan.

Jag gillar att han som inte syns i bild också tyckte att din startposition var lite knackig då han efter lyftet säger: Fan vilken svank mannen! 😉

När blir den hemliga metconen avslöjad? 🙂

4 01 2011

Jag håller med, för en vecka sen var mitt PB 5s högre… 😛
Rycket var ryckigt, (haha), och jag har lite bråttom från marken när det blir ”tungt”. Tog det mkt lugnare på high pullsen så räknar iskallt med att det blir bättre snabbt nu!
Tålamod kompis, utmaningen kommer inom kort! 😉

4 01 2011

Congrats to PB and thanx for the Tron Legacy pic 😉 a good start of the workday..

4 01 2011

Hehe, thx – she gave me all the motivation I needed… 😉

3 01 2011
Marcus Herou

Great snatch and congrats to the PB!

4 01 2011

Thx amigo!


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