Goal Getting & Goal Setting!

30 12 2010

You are born in Love,
by Love,
for Love…

– Cape Town Church

1 pm WOD:

”Warm Up” – 500 m row, (sub 1’33 week): 1’29.8 PB! (-2,8s).

A. ”OL-Technique” – On ze Min:5 * 3-pos Power Clean + 1 Split Jerk @ 70kg

B1. Strength – 5 * 3 Front Squats w double dip:
93kg/3, 97.5/3, 102/3, 107/3, 111/1

B2. KB-Pressing:

16kg Bottom Ups/5+5, 24kg BU/1+4, 32kg Press/3+3

C. Metcon, ”Sub 10 min” (lol), 10-7-4 of:

  • HSPU + 18cm RoM (paralettes).
  • OHS @ 61kg, (from floor to oh anyhow).
  • Burpee Box Jumps @ 70cm
    60s rest b/t sets

Time, (incl. rest): 14’57 min

Finally! Been a little ashamed of my 500 row, just wanted to stop rowing like a little girl. Now I can at least say I row like.. a little boy? 😉
Not really justified to call that a warm up, 5 min of pain after, nor is it really easy technique work for me with the cleans at this weight. Not heavy, but I’m definitely getting my heart rate up. Felt decent today, not jumping forward, but not opening my hip fully either.

Front squats felt really good. Preparing for the clean as you know, excactly as I wanna be sure that if I end up with that bar on my shoulders there’s no chance I’m missing the Jerk, I also wanna make sure that if I surprise my self with ending up receiving a heavy bar in the bottom, I sure won’t miss getting up. Think my back is looking pretty solid, at least compared to my early days?

KB-pressing was fun, like changing the pressing part of the Strength Bias Programme up. Could really tell the difference between my weaker left side that barely handled one rep with the 24. Goal has to be to get perfect bottom up reps with the 32kg!

The metcon was a joke. Got stuck already on the first round of HSPU’s, got 5 and then 2-3 but failed a couple here and there throughout it all. OHS after this was also a bit scary, felt like my shoulders could give up dropping the bar on my head at any time. Snatched the first one, but from there on I didn’t dare, so C&J:d it with wide grip kind of. Also missed the first OHS on the last round, eager, eager…

Oh, as I got to tick my rowing off from the goal list at the white board at Cape CrossFit, I also took the time printing some new ones up there. This is how my official goal list looks right now:

Short term, to be done in January 2011:

  • Clean & Jerk: 110 kg (105 PB right now).
  • Snatch: 80 kg (75)
  • 500m Row <1:30 min (weee!).
  • 5 Ring HSPU, shoulder to ring (like 1?)
  • 1 Free standing HSPU, up & down (can get up)
  • 60s L-sit over Paralettes (27s in Aug)
  • Back Squat: 160 kg (152)
  • Press: 85 kg (80, done like ten times since Sept 2009)
  • Front Squat: 130 kg (118)

Long Term Goals, to be done in March 2011:
This is where it gets funny…

  • Snatch: 85 kg
  • 500m Row: <1:25 min
  • Back Squat: 170 kg
  • Front Squat: 140 kg
  • Over Head Squat: 110 kg (96)
  • Press: 90 kg
  • Bench Press: 150 kg (145)
  • 5 Free standing HSPU

Nothing wrong in aiming at the stars if I’m satisfied with at least ending up on the moon, right? I always do this cause when I dream big, I do big!

What about that corny quote on top? Well, as my scooter still is locked in, I’m enjoying walking to the gym every day right now. Trying to take new streets every time to see as much as possible of this town that I’ve come to love. Today I found this awsome piazza that felt a little like the Swedish ”Hötorget”, with it’s street vendors and weird mix of art and fruit stands, but also with a mix from Italy with the narrow cobblestone streets of Rome and even the little church that reminded me of Piazza Doumo in Milan.

No, I’m not religious, at all, (even though I believe in the power of a friendly universe). However, I can’t help being a sucker for thoughts and action making people happier. Call me a geek if you want to…






4 responses

31 12 2010

Konstigt, min kommentar kom inte fram igår…
Gratulationer för den enormt fina 500m tiden, kom lite tidigare än väntat? Med tanke på att det var din 1:33 vecka, bestämde du dig mitt i för dra sub 1:30min?

Jag gillar att longterm betyder 3 mån för dig, du vet den tiden går väldigt fort 😉

31 12 2010

Tack! Jag är mucho nöjd. Alltså jag hade lite på känn att det skulle gå så jag testade första 30s att ligga på typ 1´28, ”oh va lätt, vi provar 30s till”, ”Hmm känns ok vi kör hela vägen!”… 30s senare: ”Fy ”#¤/”&”/# aldrig nånsin igen…”. 😀

30 12 2010
Marcus Herou

Good goals! However where is the goal about at least a bronze medal in 2011 years CF Games?

31 12 2010

Haha, are u mocking my unrealistic goals here mr. Herou? 😉


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