Strengths & Weaknesses

28 12 2010

”In about the same degree that you are helpful,
you will be happy.”

– Karl Reiland –

11.45 am WoD

A. Strength: 3 * 3 Deadlifts on double mats:
166kg/3, 175/3 PB!, 184/1

B. Metcon, ”Sub 10 mins”, 3 Rounds:

  • 25 Burpees
  • 500m Row

Time: 12’28 min

C. 3 * 20 alternating:

  • GHD-Sit Ups @ 2111-tempo
  • Reverse Hyperextensions @ 1X11

Started another hot Cape Town morning with some yoga on my balcony, almost got sunburned at 9.30 am, awsome! Had no breakkie at home so picked up a smoothie at Kauai on my walking way to the gym. Managed to get my scooter locked in on the parking outside the gym yesterday, seems like I will be walking for the reminder of 2010…

Was a bit worried about my lower back, but after a lot of foamrolling, trigger point pancaking and row technique warm ups, I felt ready to at least try some deadlifts. Went ok as you can see. Didn’t wanna lift too ugly considering my back, think it was smart to not go for more reps at 184.

Metcon was something Jobst did yesterday and even though my rowing times actually was faster than his, (1’44/1’48/1’51), I still got punished by almost two minutes. Walking around like a lost chicken, drinking water and just taking way to long between excercises is something I really need to get out of my system, now. However, don’t think I could have done this that much faster. Even though I don’t think I suck at neither rowing or burpees, my recovery from both sure do..

If 2011 is gonna be the year of the Yogi, I really have to keep on focusing on almost only my weaknesses. Re-planning and finetuning the programming is what I’m up to right now.





11 responses

30 12 2010

Vafan, hade missat de där lyften! Fin och stark trea! Synd att det knappt går på mer vikt på stängerna där!

30 12 2010

Thx, vi har ett trick nu där vi använder gummibanden för att spänna fast mer skivor. So far har de fått på 206 på stången så jag är safe än så länge… 😉

30 12 2010
Marcus Herou

Oh about deads. As long as you keep up the posteriour chain training you will not loose a pound in your DL. However I doubt that you will Squat more if you get better in DLs but the other way around is true.

But! Continue with straight DLs, metcon dls etc.

30 12 2010

Excactly what I plan to do. Nothing wrong with putting in a few rounds of 120kg deads here and there! Also gonna do goodmornings from time to time…

30 12 2010
Marcus Herou

Get your point about the reason but I think that can be achieved with for example ring work, running in terrain, walking in snow etc. I have found an excellent trigger for my back pain.

Big boots 10cm snow fast walk. I cannot keep up with my father in law at all.

Dont know if the solution is to do more of exactly the things that kills my back in no time. Should it not get stronger if hammered properly? It is muscular, I feel it

30 12 2010

Agree, but remember one of the reasons why Im on the mats is also to keep the weights down, forcing me to not overtrain u know.. ;P

Haha, well I dont know man. Everything that hurts isnt good amigo. 😉
Though I absolutely think doing stuff u r not used to is the way to go. Have u tried reverse hypers btw? They unload my lower back A LOT, and ofc as usual mobility, mobility, mobility..

30 12 2010
Marcus Herou

Yep I do reverse hypers but too seldom! More often backext but again too seldom. I prefer heavy DLs with arched back as my choice of lower back training 🙂

31 12 2010

Haahahah! 😀
Well, put in like 3*20 unweighted hypers twice a week as terapeutic work, sure it will make a difference!

29 12 2010
Marcus Herou

Oh nice dls bytw! But hey, stop this with unstable ground, are you not unstable enough as it is? Keep it up

29 12 2010
Marcus Herou

Sub 10 would have been great but you know what? That is actually hard 🙂

Try the same wod but 400m runs instead to see how you respond. Had 22mins on 6RFT of those, you should be able to go below 10 on 3RFT.

30 12 2010

Ouch, but yeah that should be a little nicer on the whole system I guess. Will try this one in Jan!
About the ”unstableness”, hell yah Im def unstable as it is, but thats also the reason why Im doing this. 😉
Deads are going out of my programme by now anyway, and might actually change it to do more of the metconwork on the mats as well…


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