Not so hip..

27 12 2010

That it will never come again is what makes Life so sweet.

– Emely Dickinson

9.45 am-WoD @ Camps Bay Beach: 15 Backward rolls to Candle Light, 3 * 3 Forward rolls to HSPU, 5 Freestanding Kipped HSPU’s (to forward roll). Yoga and Meditation on the rocks.

Felt stiff, weak and out of agility. Two full days of rest and too much bad nutrients does this to me, guess I should have seen what was coming for the pm-Wod.

3 pm-WoD

A. Snatch Meant to be 1 RM:
52/2, 61/Fail+1.1, 70/1.Fail

B. Back Squats 3 * 3, (on two mats):
125/3, 134/2, 125/3

C. Metcon, ”less than 15 mins”, 10-8-6 of:

  • Bar Muscle Ups
  • KB Snatches @ 32kg
  • 33 DU’s
    60s rest b/t rounds

Total Time: 7’35 min, (work time: 5’35 min)

D. Terapeutic Tabata OHS @ 20kg:
11/11/11/11/10/10/10/10 = 84 reps

Spent 1h doing mobilitywork, foamrolling and dynamic warm ups even before I started my Burgener WU. Right Hip was totally unbalanced and sore, felt like I was rubbing dry wood when I used the lacrosse ball..

Obviusly my snatch was way off, not one single lift felt decent and when I got the 70kg with an ugly one I got pissed, pulled another try, missed it and I decided to postpone my 1rm try to next week. Same feeling for Back Squats, not stable at all in the bottom and leaned over to the right side. Got two ok reps with 134 but head told me to not go for that 3rd, which would have been a PB…

Metcon plan today was to do ”Amanda”, but since I knew Squat Snatching wouldn’t be a good idea I changed it around a bit. Have forgotten my rule of ”two new excercises per week” lately so the Bar-MU’s was a welcome change. Have done them before but that was more than a year ago. Fun metcon, I like the interval style and even though it ripped two nice holes in my palms, I liked the combo. Still feels like I have to find a higher gear though. Didn’t really sprint as I was suppose to, could definitely shave some time, but for 2011 I have the perfect cure for that:
Every time I don’t hit my Shame Level, (and it will still be equal to last PB or what I really think I should do if I haven’t done it before), I will have to do either a Tabata Row or 100 Burpees for time. To make me even more motivated to not have to do this, I also will have to start the ”Punishment” within 5 mins after finished wod, uack…

Eating clean and wearing my sexy recovery pants is what I will do tonight, hopefully that will get me back in the saddle for tomorrow’s Deadlifts and Rowing/Burpee-wod. Then on Wednesday, my active restday, we’ll do another trip to the Crystal Pools where I plan to film a fun wod hanging over the water!






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