God Jul CFN!

26 12 2010

Wise are the man who realizes he knows nothing.

Figured I could use this legendary WoD to send my friends at CrossFit Nordic a Christmas card. Sorry I didn’t do the shirt more justice… 😉

20101224 X-mas WoD @ Cape CrossFit

A. Warm Up – 500m Row, sub 1’36-week: 1’33.5 min

B. ”Linda” a.k.a. ”Three bars of Death” – 10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1 of:
(Weighed in at 79.5 kg..).

Goal: 18 min, Dream: sub 15 min, Shame Level: 20 min

  • Deadlifts @ 1,5 * BW (120kg)
  • Bench Press @ BW (80kg)
  • Squat Cleans @ 0,75 * BW (60kg)

Time: 20’46 min… PB! (-16 s).

Anyway, dreaded the row in the beginning, but it proved to be a piece of cake. Pretty sure I will hit that sub 1’30 in two weeks as planned. Weigh in was after both a pre-workout drink, post row proteinshake and with clothes and lifting shoes on so not so worried about the almost 80kg. Had already decided to do ”Linda” with 80kg rx’d so it didn’t really mather anyway.

Have been walking around pretty disappointed for a couple of days now, but today I looked through my notes from last time I did this, a little more than a year ago. Back then I was apparently a lighter guy cause I used calculations for 75kg at that time. So, in retrospect, using 5 kg more in both Deads and Bench and 2’5 kg more in the Cleans should of course slow me down. I was expecting the Cleans to be the hardest part, but actually they felt fine! However, my lower back gave me quite a hard time on the Deads from round 7 and on, had that painful cramping feeling towards my left side ligament again and it was really hard just to get down to the starting position. This was probably where I lost most time, struggling 20-30s each round just to get started. Anyway, I was pretty smashed after this so definitely no excuse for the result…

Later on I spent Christmas Eve, which is the real day to celebrate X-mas (ask any Swede), with my Swedish friends over in Camps Bay with a totally awsome braai mixed with Swedish traditional courses kind of Christmas lunch and dinner. Who would know that grilled huge Crayfishes makes a perfect combo with ”Jansons Frestelse”? Good wine, old and new friends, warm weather and a beatuiful African sunset truly was all I wanted for Christmas. Obviusly missed my loved ones at home like crazy, but then again you all know that this time of year isn’t when I’m at top…

Two whole days of resting and of course I’m sittin here with the pen in my hand planning the coming weeks of training. Did however manage to chill out totally yesterday when we went to a packed and sun boiled Clifton 2nd Beach. Sand everywhere, but hey, even I was able to enjoy the freakingly cold water!


Christmas Day as it should be!






2 responses

27 12 2010

Undra hur lång tid den där skulle ta för mig med de där vikterna, 1 timme? 🙂 Ska nog testa den snart Rxd då!
Förresten, jag tar tillbaka det där som jag sa att du har fått fin form på dina T&G DL 😉
Jag gillar att ni försöker se så oberörda ut på bilden, jag vet hur kall atlanten är….

27 12 2010

Haha, du har ju blivit staaark nu kompis så det kommer gå fint!
Ja bleh, ryggen gick verkligen inte att tvinga ner i botten så det fick bli ostbågen.. Dårarna försöker fortf intala mig att det är varmt, jeez!


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