The Three Event Day!

21 12 2010

The present moment is at it is. Always. Can you let it be?

– Eckhart Tolle, Stillness Speaks.

Can’t feel my legs…

9 am – WoD

A. 3 * 5 Deadlifts (on two mats):
152/5, 166/3, 175-166/3…

B. ”300”!
Goal: 15 min, Dream: 12 min, Shame Level: 18 min

Time: 17’41 min PB! (-5’39).

Active Rest 1h

C. 2k Row
Goal: 7’15 min, Dream: 7 min, Shame Level: 7’30 min

Time: 7’25 min PB! (-49 sec).
Within the 2k race – 1k row: 3’31 min PB! PB! (-21 sec).

As expected, my hamstrings were no where to be found this morning, not even sleeping with the recovery pants helped! Foamrolled like crazy to even be able to get into a deadlift position. Gave up the idea of 5rm PB at 166 simply cause I felt weak. Tried 175 for new 3rm PB instead, but since I didn’t clamp the weights, one of the 4,5kg plates fell of after the other, lol…

300 was my first ever CrossFit-wod and I hadn’t done it in a year. Didn’t know I did cut that much off, so guess I have to be satisfied. However, I still walk around resting, staying in my comfort zone way to much and when I’m ”competing” with someone, for some reason I just make sure I’m ahead and then maintain that lead. What’s up with that?

Ralf got his revenge on the rower anyway. Why on earth I promised Jobst to do this dreadful joke of a work out, I will never understand or forget my self for. Literally was about to strap out of the machine from hell every 500 meter and at the end I thought about giving up after every stroke. Won’t blame my hamstrings, I simply suck at rowing. Would be nice to improve and become a sub 7 min-guy, but then I guess I have to row more, not so sure about if that’s ever gonna happen…
Edit: Actually thought that this was the first time I did a 2k row. Good to be better then before at least. Also I noted my 1k time here and it was also a new PB…

Right after we must have been something of a hillarious sight. Sitting down in the office, trembling, sweating and trying to hold on to the forks and knifes to be able to put some energy back in our bodies. The grassfed did seem to help though, managed to wobble home on my scooter and then met up with Ralf again at Camps Bay for some very well deserved chillout time on the beach. Both fell asleep in the sun but then kind of woke up starving again. Can’t really seem to get enough food in right now cause no mather how much I eat, my body cries for more. Oh, Happy days…





8 responses

22 12 2010

Bra roddtid så tätt inpå 300! Jag är rätt nyfiken på din SPM sista 200m 🙂

22 12 2010

Haha, 12spm typ? 🙂
Nja, är inte så värst imponerad själv av rodden, efter 1k fanns det INGENTING kvar. Men tack..

22 12 2010

Wow, the 300 wod looks really fun….it will be up next 🙂

22 12 2010

It is, one of my favourites, just do it! 😛

21 12 2010
Marcus Herou

I wonder how many that actually did that row-WOD. Running 60mins is one thing but Rowing is something else. Brrrrr…

Actually I do exactly the same thing like you when competing. I make sure I am ahead but no more. Stupid. Try to start 1min after someone instead and chase him. That helps me a lot. I enjoy hunting down my prey. You can as well play with others minds. Suddenly increase tempo so you create a gap making him chase you. Do this somewhere where you know that you will outpace your opponent no matter how hard he tries. That is very good for confidence. The only downside to that tactic is that you need to be better than your opponent 😉

22 12 2010

My thought excactly, gonna check the comments and see how many did it!
Great Idea!! I´m definitely gonna try the headstart thing. Problem being though as u say, u are not always sure if u are better. But when I do know, will try!

21 12 2010
Marcus Herou

Why are you doing (very near) CTB PU ? Not that I really should complain about Rx’d++ 🙂

I cannot really understand how it got to 17mins with that tempo ? Looked so fast to me. Did you rest between the excersises?

Did it in 11:30 something myself but 50 Wipers not 100 (but I did KB C&J not snatch ahem and 70cm box). Anyway I think that CF-300 have 50 Wipers but the original Spartan-300 had 100. Can’t really understand how someone can do it in below 11mins otherwise (which I know that some people do). Did it very near unbroken last time and it looked like you did as well ?

I hate 2k row. Why don’t you go ahead and do the OPT-wod: Rowing 60mins for meters 🙂

Anyway very good! Keep it up.

21 12 2010

Haha, I dont know, ctb-habit? 😉
Ridicilously long breaks in between ”sets” and for some reason I broke everything before it got hard..
I think its stupid to do double wipers, they take like a third of the entire wod. But got told thats how it is so…
Anyway, 11mins is a great time, think I have a long way to go before Im there even though this might not have been max.

LOL, I seriously would hardly consider that rowing for a huge amount of money…


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