The 4h-workout man…

20 12 2010

To live in hearts we live behind us is not to die.

– Thomas Campbell.

9.30 am-WoD, Track Runs:

  • 400m @ 85-90%: 1’09 min
  • 400m @ 100%: 1’04.5 min
  • 200m @ 100%: 29s
  • 800m @  80%: 3’21 min

Went to the training facicilty in Stellenbosch with Ellie from the gym this morning. One of the hottest days in Cape Town since I got back, 33°C in the city bowl and almost as warm out in the Wineland/University town!
Wont use it as an excuse for a pretty poor performance, but the wind played me pretty hard. Started into a curve without any impact, but then hitting the first straght it hit me pretty hard and I was out of breath for the last 150m. Maybe I’m also a little bit out of my running conditioning…

2.15 pm – WoD.

WU: + 60 min of mobility work, foam rolling, dynamic stretching, three types of pass throughs etc…

A. Technique Work, ”ozm” 5 * 3-Pos Clean + 1 SJ @ 70kg
Mid thigh to squat clean, knee to power, floor to squat and jerk

B. Strength: 3 * 5 Back Squats on two mats:
111kg/5, 120/5, 125/5 PB!

C. Metcon – ”Sub 10 min”, 9-6-3 of:

  • Muscle Ups
  • HSPU’s + 11cm rom
  • Thrusters @ 61 kg
    60s rest b/t rounds

Total Time: 10’39 min / Work Time: 8’39 min

D. Tabata Sit Ups:
17/16/15/15/14/14/13/14 = 118 reps

Didn’t plan to, but stayed like almost 4h in the gym today including the warm up and some cleaning lady coaching.
In the morning runs I felt my left hamstring cramping slightly and cause of that, a slight pinching in my lower back where I had my old injury. Didn’t wanna risk anything so warmed up thoroughly to say the least. 70kg for the cleans was a prob a bit heavy as technique work, had about 15s after each round so kind of felt like I did a metcon. Still think I was forced to be more explosive and didn’t jump forward as much as last time, so probably will stay with this weight for a few weeks.
Back squats was expected but still funny to get a new PB on the mats!
The Metcon was, horrible. All shoulders and the thrusters was just as bad as I thought when I planned it. Nice!

Gonna do one Tabata after every session as a finisher this week, (maybe not tomorrow, due to sick volume anyway), and chose SU’s today. Pretty annoying that I didn’t push harder to at least get 14 as my low score on the second last round…

Right now I’m pressing my self to finish a ridicilously big plate of approx 600g grassfed beef, 500g of broccoli, 3 big tomatoes and 100g of olives. Probably need it though, didn’t eat enough during the day and tomorrow is gonna be another silly high volume day since I promised both Ralf and Jobst to do two different wods with them. But hey, it’s active rest day on Wednesday and then I just have to survive two grueling Benchmark Girls before I’ll take a couple of days off during Christmas…





5 responses

21 12 2010

Grymt jobbat Chris! Kul att se din tunga metcon…väcker inspiration!

21 12 2010

Thx amigo, den känns idag kan jag lova… 😉

21 12 2010

Oj oj vilken axelstekare, det måste ju varit mikko/seven känslor vid thursters varje varv?
Snabba tabatasitups, jag skyller det på att du har kort överkropp! 😉

21 12 2010

Skoja inte, precis som seven fattar man inte hur tunga de här thrustersena är förrän man står där o stirrar på stången.. Ville se hur det var efter tunga HSPUs och det var som sagt precis så tufft som jag nånsin kunde gissat. Ändå inte ens nära dagens 2k rodd………

20 12 2010
Marcus Herou

Nice squatting! That is a really good 5RM for regular high bar as well. Keep it up!


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