Just Carry On!

18 12 2010

When the going gets though, the though get going…

7.45 am Strength-WoD

WU – 500m row: 1’37.8 min

A. 3 Pos Snatch @ 52 kg
DNF, hands too ripped from Thursdays cleans etc…

B. Front Squats 1+1/4 3*3-5:
84kg/5, 93/5, 102/5

30 min rest

9 am @ Camps Bay Beach, Cape CrossFit Beach WoD

C. WU – ”Flag sprints”:

Lie face down and at go, get up, turn around and sprint approx 30m and catch a ”flag”. One flag less then people per heat, i.a.w. one gets knocked out..

D. In Teams of 4, complete:
Entire team must move the 200m Carry. Then, two goes for, in order, SU’s, Squats, PshU’s while the other two runs 200m. Switch working couple and running couple through out.

  • 200m Partner Carry
  • 200 Sit Ups
  • 200 Squats
  • 200 Push Ups
  • 200m Partner Carry

My Team: 12’55 min

Clock went off at 6.29 and I thought it was a joke. Got my rowing done, felt ok. Just couldn’t hold on to the bar for the snatches so left that for next week. Front Squats was a bit stressed, we had to leave for the beach, so I cut rest down to 90s and changed from 3*5 to this. In the programme I have 3*5 OR 5*3 but as a first week starter this felt ok. Heavy at 102 but very pleased with speed and that my elbows kept high all the way!

Got knocked out pretty early at the Flag Sprints, in the 3rd or 4th heat I took a good lead, sprinted easy to ”my flag”, and overshot it… Didn’t grab it and then it was gone. Anyway, team wod was super fun. Me, Ellie, Rob and Ralf made a pretty even and strong team so there was no surprise that we were the first team to finish. Carrys was not fun at all with my sore legs, but we got about all work done even in the team so all in all a great effort guys!

Now, ze Biscuit Mill’s Farmers Market for the last time this year, and first time since I got back – can’t wait much longer for that Ostrich Burger!!!






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