Beach Gymnastics and smoked shoulders

17 12 2010

I’m standing up, Imma face my demons,
I’m manning up, Imma hold my ground.
I’ve had enough, now I’m so fed up,
Time to put my life back together right now…

– Eminem, Not Afraid.

9.30am Beach-WoD: Strict Inverted Burpees into forward rolls, Free standing, Kipped HSPU’s etc. Video above…

Shoulders pretty grumpy from the 55 C&J’s yesterday, but still I feel that I am improving at least a little. Had one kipped today that I managed to lower back down, but then leaned into a roll anyway. (Couldn’t get movie maker to cut like I wanted so it’s not on the video).

4pm Strength-WoD & Metcon

A. Bench Press with banded KB’s 3 * 5:
(WU: 61+32kg/5), 70+32kg/5, 79+32/5, 70+48kg/3

B. Shoulder Press 10-15 reps:

C. Metcon, under 10 min:

  • 10-7-4 Muscle Ups
  • 10-7-4 KBS @ 32kg
  • 20-14-8 GHD SU
  • 50 Double unders
    (2 min rest between rounds).

Total Time: 13’49 min // Total Work Time: 9’49 min

D. Cool Down: 10 Backward Rolls

The Strength Bias that I’m following had Front Squats today, as getting down from the loft bed after 4 days of pushing hard with my legs was about what my quads could handle today, I re-arranged and put the pressing part in today instead. The Bias also has strict Shoulder Presses as it’s last part of the week, but as you seen before, I do my own version of this. Since strict presses isn’t on my list of weaknesses, I plan to do different untraditional lifts every time.
So, today I went for Westside Barbell’s speed work for the bench. Meant to do this as fast as possible, and I did, but in the beginning it’s really mostly about balancing the moving objects – fun! Wanted to try heavier KB’s and I think that the heavier the moving weight, the harder the lifts become, (dooh!).

In the programming they don’t put out what you should have in your metcon, only that it’s suppose to be heavy and how to put it together. Today it was less than 10 min and 10-7-4 that was recommended and I just played around with that to get my intervals in there. Must say that this was perfect for me. Got 5 MU’s first round and failed the 6th (technique was off today). Missed 6-7 MU’s through out, but that’s a good thing! I need to take my self out of the comfort zone and not be so afraid of failing, today I did that and still I kept it together pretty well. Each round was faster then the other, as it should, and only the first rounds DU’s was hard (cause of all the missed MU’s I guess), except for MU’s everything else was unbroken.

Just finished it off with something from, wouldn’t say that my backward rolls was pretty though. I was all over the place…

Gonna be a good boy tonight, already set an alarm to go to bed(!) at 10pm and then it’s rise and shine early to get some strength work in before the Beach WOD with CCF tomorrow. Hopefully these last few days of straightening up will soon chase my anxiety away. Just want things to be easy, but as said before, also know they never are. This time of the year is just not when I’m at my best. Follow your heart and it will all be for the best I guess…





4 responses

17 12 2010

Jag gillar din styrkeplan, riktigt rebellisk 🙂

Jag hade velat se dina första beachgymnastics filmer, misstänker att det är en viss skillnad nu? Det såg bra ut!

Det skulle jag också behöva öva på, men jag har ju ingen perfekt strand så jag får hoppa dett 😉

18 12 2010

Hahaha, Che Guevara goes CF! 😀
Men, du kör ju såklart i snön eller på asfalten! Motiverande att INTE falla helt enkelt… 😉

17 12 2010
Marcus Herou

Always so nice WOs, I am jealous.

18 12 2010



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