Staying Cool at the Crystal Pools

15 12 2010

A great silent space holds all of nature in its embrace. It also holds you.

– Eckhart Tolle, Stillness Speaks.

And this is where I wish I can say I did jump from here...

Double hiking today! Lions Head in the morning and then another pretty cool hike to the 5 Crystal Pools of Gordon Bay. I chickened out of the highest jump, promised to be 22m but more like 12-15 from what I saw from the bottom, but still had a great day!

Can’t say that 4h of sleep and, as always, a few glasses of wine too many last night, was any kind of perfect setting for Lions. Took it quite slow after seeing Michael, running of and collecting a nasty lower back cramp at the start.. 😉

Pretty tired now after hanging out with the Lioness all day, so gonna eat a little more to load up to an awsome wod tomorrow, where I will do my best to get my revenge on Michael after Tuesday’s disappointment, and then go to sleep and have sweet dreams about the wonderful views of today…

Some things where more appealing then jumping off high cliffs...







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