Run the Reservoir!

14 12 2010

Heroism consists in hanging on one minute longer.

– Norwegian proverb.

Hot day, great setting!

10 am WoD @ CCF

WU –  500m row: 1’37.7 min (sub 1’39-week).

A. 5 * 3-pos Clean + 1 Split Jerk on the min @ 61kg
Hip to Squat Clean, Knee to Power, Floor to Power + SJ.

B. Deadlifts, 3 * 3 off 2 mats:
143 kg/3, 152/3, 166/3

C. 3 Rounds of PU-serie:

  • 5 Pronated Pull Ups to neck – turn 180° without coming off the bar and do:
  • 5 Supinated PU’s CTB – turn 180°…
  • 10 Strict Leg Raises

Unbroken, unbroken, 5+5/10

D. 10 min run for Distance:

Approx: 2600 m

Rowing is still bearable, even though a bit painful the minute after, but I’m not really looking forward to trying to get those rows in under 1’30 in a few weeks.
Clean tech work didn’t feel as bad as it looked, can’t understand why I jump after that bar all the time. Too early pull?
Kept the deadlifts pretty light, felt like I could do 10 more, and wanted to get the feel of how they would act on the mats. Not as unbalanced as the Squats, but there’s definitely a different in the speed from the ground. Besides the little extra rom of a few cm’s should make these make me work in a greater range?

Doesn’t look like I’m getting any stronger in the gymnastic bar serie, but, I think I do. More fatigued grip today, and I do this way more strict now with a better ”hollow” position through out.

Teamed up with Jobst then for his scheduled conditioning work. Have never tried to run for distance in a certain time before and didn’t really know what to expect. The Reservoir is an awsome place to do this however, J-Dawg had mapped it out before and each round around the pool was approx 820-840m, making 3 rounds the goal. First round was easy and J was just behind me. First long straight part was with the wind in the back, but you really didn’t notice until you turned around and had the bastard in your face..
Think I kept about the same pace for second round wich gave me a little bit of gap and when I was starting the third at 7’18-ish, I knew it was gonna be pretty hard to get those three rounds in. Increased my step frequency a bit and felt good, got to the point when you turn into the wind again at around 9’15 and then the chance was gone. Probably beat my opponent with approx 150m, (that’s actually him you can see in the picture above, just after finished run), but was a bit annoyed at not getting three full rounds in.
Then Jobst re-mapped it, cause the track doesn’t excactly follow the edges of the pool, and I don’t know excactly how much, but each round was a bit longer. Making my distance approx 2,6km which isn’t really impressive, but fairly ok.

Ate proper yesterday so now I feel way more energized, hopefully I can keep the alcohol intake small tonight and then keep on improving my daily structure and be back on Thursday, kicking ass in the gym after my active rest day!





9 responses

15 12 2010

High pulls är bra, men du har ju inga problem med dem. Det är ju att öppna höften för att snabbt stänga den som är ditt problem. Jag tror på 3 position clean med ovanstående fokusområden.

15 12 2010

OK, kör på det nästa vecka! =)

15 12 2010

Chris: Det verkar som att du och Marcus har olika problem. Jag tror att just det är din que, sträck dig mer i toppen och pressa hälarna genom golvet. Testa på att bara fokusera på det udner ett pass och se vad som händer?

Marcus:Ditt problem är rätt lättåtgärdat, det är ju bara att fokusera på vinklarna under första draget, alltså knän bak, bröst upp. Men det måste ju göras också 😉

15 12 2010

Highpulls helt enkelt! 🙂

14 12 2010
Marcus Herou

Nice all nice. Great workout. I as well jump after the bar and yes I:
1. Pull too early (due to ass in the sky)
2. Move my hips slightly horizontally = slamming the bar with my thighs.

When I figured howto fix this I will let you know how I did. Dave helps me but have not found my primary cue yet.

We will get help from a guy which seems to have been quite an OLy athlete.

15 12 2010

Hmm, ass going high actually made me think about keeping my knees more pulled back, maybe that will help?
I dont think I slam it too much, but the above might prevent that as well..
And YES plz let me know when u found the Eureka and if that guy has any good cues that might help me!

14 12 2010

De repsen du hoppar fram så öppnar du inte höften helt på heller. Testa att lägga på mer legdrive och gör dig så lång som möjligt istället för att tänka ”hoppa och dra”

Fin form på marklyften, lätt var det också!

15 12 2010

Helvete, hur många komponenter do I need… Helt rätt har du dock, om jag kör Power måste jag så klart öppna höften ffs! Marken var papper… 😉

15 12 2010

Well, även i squat cleans så klart men ännu tydligare här..


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