Mr. Gymnastic, tres le Fantastic…

10 12 2010

Only way to get better is to train more…

9.30 am-WoD @ Camps Bay Beach

A. 3 Rounds of 3 ”Strict inverted  Burpee into forward roll into next rep..”.

B. From, 10 Kipped HSPU free standing

C. 3 Rounds of approx. 120m Animal Runs, rest as needed inbetween rounds:

  • 30m ”Cheetah Sprints”
  • 30m Crab Walk
  • 30m Bear Crawl
  • 30m Human Sprints

Did not time rounds, but went as hard as I could and prob took around 1´45 per round?

3pm @ CCF, pm-WoD
Video Above

WU: 500m Row @ 1´40.7 min

A. 5 Rounds on ze min of 3 Pos-Snatch

  • Hip to Squat Snatch
  • Knee to Power Snatch
  • Full Snatch from floor

B. Snatch Balance, ”Max for day”:
52kg/3, 61/2, 70/1, 79/F!

C. Ring Gymnastics, 3 Rounds of:

1 L-ish Muscle Up + Forward Roll to L-hang + 3 Skin the cat into Inverted Hang into Tucked Front Lever

D. ”GHD-Annie”:

  • 50/40/30/20/10 Double Unders
  • 25/20/15/10/5 GHD Sit Ups

Time: 5´30 min PB! (-42 sec).

Stayed in bed a little too long, so I missed the morning sun that turned into a misty beach weather. Still it was a great setting for some playing around. Have a video of the beach wod, but it is seriously just awful, think I will wait til I at least get the reps in a little more cleanly. Could also be a little bit tired in my shoulders from Diane yesterday…

PM-WoD mixed good with bad. Actually improved snatch tech towards the end and that my shoulders was the weak point today is probably understandable. I totally trust Burgener when he says that the Snatch Balance need to be way higher than your 1RM Snatch.
Gymnastics was fun, feel stronger even though I am still too stiff in my hamstrings to do this pretty. The third rounds MU was ugly but that was when the rest felt most strict. Forward roll was first time ever I tried it in rings and first rep I almost got caught in the ropes..
I said before that when my GHD-Annie goes under my regular Annie (6´40), I have to do it with full reps in the GHD, ”forgot” about it today but next time I promise I will. Should be fun!

Wonder what this weekend will bring. Trying to stay clean, but there is just so much fun to do! Surfer movie shown at Clifton Beach tonight, crazy and probably drunk girls looking for company at the house of mr. Z, beach-wod with Cape CrossFit tomorrow and then braai with the members of the same. So much to chose from, yet all I feel like right now is drinking a bottle of wine and go to sleep…






4 responses

10 12 2010
Marcus Herou

Nice snatches & improving gymnastics!

On skin the cat when getting back to vertical head down, straighten just a little more especially the neck. Nice job!

10 12 2010

Thx, very true, I felt that something in the ”hang” there was missing and u actually got it spot on! Work, work, work…

10 12 2010

Ringserien såg bra ut, det enda som var lite struggly var väl MU:en. Jag gillade den, ska nog köra den istället för min vanliga FL träning.

Håller med om att den sista ronden du visade på rycken var bäst, men sluta för bövelen att hoppa efter stången i både snatch och snatchbalance 🙂

Snabb GHD-annie, jag får nog nöja mig med att jag har slagit dig en gång på den 😉

10 12 2010

Den är rolig, sen vill man väl ha den lite striktare tillslut..
Haha, eller hur, va i hlvte hoppar jag efter den för!?
Well, jag har bara ett tips för att bli snabb på Annie (som var obruten btw), vin, öl och australiensiska flickor på Caprice! 😉


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