Pornstar Martini

8 12 2010

Fruit cocktail and Champagne, what else could one wish for?

Maybe a really cool name? Pornstar Martini got it all!

No training today, meant to do the Pipe Track Hike but can’t really say I was in any shape for that when the alarm went off. Did however take a swim in the pool with some wine as a post wod drink some hours after midnigth, so guess you could say I did get my workout! 😉
Before that I met up with some friends I haven’t seen in months at Cafe Paradiso, which was a really nice place. Great interior and awsome food, the Organic Sirloin with Black Mushrooms was exactly what I needed. Now you might thinkt that the fact that standing in a bar drinking, first plain champagne and then the above pictured girly drink of fruit and champagne you add your self, could look very gay? Well, here’s a tip: don’t proclaime that every time you order to your newly found american friend. After a while he might just turn out answering a question: ”Well, mainly because I’m not into girls..”.

Didn’t get out of bed until noon, my ”holy hour project” isn’t doing good right now. Anyway, +30 degrees and some Namibian fresh meat by the pool made my day pretty bearable after all. Besides, the Pipe is still there tomorrow waiting for me and my arm is back to just approx. 15 degrees of full range of motion, hopefully I will be 100% painfree tomorrow and if so, by afternoon hanging in those rings again.





4 responses

9 12 2010

Precis hittat hit och läst igenom lite sidor! Skall absolut följas då jag både lever för träning och älskar kapstaden!

9 12 2010

Kul! Mina två favoritsaker så ”Welcome Bru!” typ.. 😉

8 12 2010
Marcus Herou

You are truly depraved my friend!

9 12 2010

Aren’t we all as soon as a beautiful woman smiles and offers you some company?


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