Who counts anyway?

5 12 2010

My goal is to improve my work capacity, i.e. get more work in per time unit. Maybe not like I did ”Angie” though…


20101203 Friday WoD @ 10.30am

A. Strict Muscle Ups:
Strict/3, L-ish/2

B. Angie, for time:
Shame Level: 18 min, Goal: <15 min, Dream: <12 min

  • 100 Pull Ups ***
  • 100 Push Ups
  • 100 Sit Ups
  • 100 Air Squats

Time: 17’46 min PB! ***

Starting the day with some strict MU’s to see if I have improved, and that I have! Not super strict maybe, any pointers on the film are as always welcome, but considering that I beleive that flexibility is my biggest problem, I’m very satisfied. L-MU’s requires a lot of mobility work with my hamstrings as it’s nearly impossible to get the legs straight for me.

Then Angie… In my programming I have one +20 min amrap per week and even though I knew I was going sub that time with her, she felt like the perfect start of that project. Only thing I didn’t count on was my inability to.. count…
Set up with a tabata timer and plan was to get 15/15/15/15/10/10… with the PU’s witch would have given me a time around 4-5 min with them. What then happened is that for the fourth round of 15 I totally lost my butterfly-kip and since I haven’t trained regular ones lately, I couldn’t really do them either. Got the reminder of the pullups in 3-7 reps and was devistated when the watch showed 7’41 min!
Did finish the workout, totally trashed and with no possibility to pick up speed anywhere,. Only thing that went quite fast was Squats where I had only two short shake-it-out-breaks.
***When I was finished the timer showed 19 min 46s and I wanted to hang my self…

Then, I luckily enough did record this, I started watching it on the camera. Roland & Jobst was laughing their asses off when I went:
-”99 pull ups.. NOO, why are you walking away, do the last one!! Hmm, 100, 101, 102. Oh, I did too many PU’s. WTF!? I’m not done yet??? 103, 104… OMG, the moron in the video did 113 Pullups…”

So, I somewhere lost count and apparently felt like doing 13 PU’s too many. Needless to say, the speed here was none existing and they actually took me excactly 2 min to finish, I was done with my 100’s after 5’41..
I decided to just withdraw those two minutes from my total time, (Still not happy about my time), I mean it’s not in any way any kind of help to do extra reps in this WOD (or any maybe) so I think I honestly can say that that is fair??

Also, these extra PU’s was apparently excactly what my biceps needed cause for two days now I haven’t been able to straighten my arms…

Oh, as promised, Extra goodies:

Still pulling forward…

First week back where I belong has been quite nice, but maybe not the best for my training. Excellent braais and dinners with maybe just a tad much wine, so from next week on I’m gonna straighten out!

Yesterday was a really nice day, hangover brunch at the Sandbar, straight from there to Strand to watch Jobst compete in his first weightlifting meet. He got a really nice PB in the C&J, well done amigo!
Watching some of these athletes was just amazing. 66,4 kg guy getting 110ish in the snatch and 130 in the  C&J for example!

After that we all went to Roland for an amazing grassfed T-bone-braai with some good wine. Altough on my way home that almost got me in big trouble. I’m not in anyway a fan of drinking and driving so I’m a bit disappointed at my self for taking the scooter back to Camps and the fact that the rain made the road slippery as hell. Well, maybe I actually deserved to be pulled over by three cops with machine guns..
Thankfully enough, with a heartrate at 200, I managed to sweet talk my way out of it, but serious note to self: taxi is fcking cheap and safe, don’t ever take the scooter again, even if it just been ”a few glasses of red”!

To punish my self, while uploading the videos, I’m now going to do ”Burpee-Annie” by the pool, Pukie here I come…





One response

5 12 2010
Marcus Herou

Burpee Annie on a few glasses 🙂 goodluck chuck!

Nice Snatch,soooo close!


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