OL aka Handing my A## to my self…

2 12 2010

You need to fail to be able to succeed…

Don’t know why, but started thinking about my log.

10 am – Morning WoD, Beachruns: 4 rounds, on top on every 5th minute from side to side in Camps Bay Beach:

  1. 3’47 min
  2. 3’37
  3. 3’39
  4. 3’44

Obviusly haven’t done these in a long while. Very low tide = longer run, and wet soft sand made them quite hard. Last round I went all Baywatch on my self and did the run in the waterline, waves changing the depth between kneehigh and just splashing underneath my Vibrams. How I love this place!

3.30 pm – Afternoon WoD

WU: 500m row @ 1’44.0 min/23 spm (Sub 1’45 week), dynamic work and Burgener WU at 20 & 43kg.

A. Snatch in KG’s, Max effort:
52/2*1, 61/1, 70/F, 70/1, 75/F, 75/1 PB!, 79/F, 79/F
B. Clean & Jerk in KG’s, Max efffort:
70/2*1, 93/1, 102/F, 102/1
C. Clean High Pulls:
D. 1 Power Clean + 5 Front Squats (1+1/4):
61kg/1+5, 70/1+5, 84/1+5

30 min rest

5.30 pm – Cape CrossFit WoD

A. 20 min Free Hand Stand Practice
B. 3-5 Rounds as Fast as possible, rest as much as needed between rounds:

  • 5 HSPU
  • 5m Walking Lunges
  • 10 Burpees
  • 5m Walking Lunges

Result: No elevation – 36s, +11 cm HSPU – 29s, +15cm – 31s

OK, first of all, I did not intend to spend 3h in the gym. Only did the CCF WoD since Daniel told me he had the fastest time (40s with +11cm) and I obviusly took that as a challenge.. 😉

As said, I will only allow my self to do heavy OL once every 4th week and today felt like a good day to set my numbers. (I will let my self work in partial lifts, like snatch balance, pulls etc with heavier weight, but never going over 70-80% for full lifts).
Want my squat version of the lifts to up to par with the power version and today it got there (This is a Squat PB, I already had it with Power Snatches). All first misses at 70, 75 & 79 was in the bottom and just lack of locking out. Second 75 was probably my best squat snatch, I do have it on film just gonna upload it tomorrow. First attempt on 79 was actually not miles away, got it up and sat under it, but then it just went down and forward. More snatch balance and I should have this next time I try!

C&J didn’t feel as good. Felt awkard in the bottom and my jerks was way off. Probably a result of me slacking on the mobility wods for upper body. Got pissed when missing first at 102 so just wrestled up the second attempt, but no need to push it higher when it wasn’t perfect to start with.

Front squats with an extra dip is something Dave started doing a while ago and I really think this is a smart way to build up strength for the receiving point of the clean. This is however where my ass-handing got in to play. Usually someone kicks my butt, but this time I clearly did it to my self. Went as deep as possible and felt the glutes every rep and for the last 2 in the last set my left gluteus was basicly cramping, perfect to do the burpees and WL’s then I guess…

As said, I wanted the challenge and it was really fun. First round I just wanted to go through the motions and when I then went for extra ROM, it was basicly just a sprint. Really playing into my strengths here so would have been truly disappointed if I wouldn’t have got the best time.
For the free handstands, that’s another thing however. I keep on overextending my neck, leading to a big arch in my back which leaves me wonerable to any shift in balance. But hey, this is what I have the Beach WoD’s for. Practice, practice, practice.





6 responses

6 12 2010
Marcus Herou

My tics are almost getting worse 😉

King Kong 95% this friday ooof!

6 12 2010

Damn it man, if u do a full KK, I think u can have all the tics in the world and still my highest respect.. 😉

2 12 2010

Starkt med frontböjen på 84kg, man är inte kaxig när man ska ned igen efter redan ha varit där!

Du skulle fortsatt med bokstäverna när du körde CCF-klassen, då hade du ju fått med E och F 😉

5 12 2010

Hehe, jo de där sista böjarna var jag inte helt säker på att klara faktiskt. Jag körde dock utan en statisk sekund ovanför parallelt, körde mer vända två ggr typ…
Snart räcker inte alfabetet, ”Aa, Ab…” 😉

2 12 2010
Marcus Herou

Congrats to the Snatch PB!

Focus on lifting the bar so high that you almost smack your chin. Did that when we practiced King Kong and the rack position for my two last rounds felt awesome. The squat perhaps not…
Get angry, really pissed!

5 12 2010

Hehe, the tics I leave for you, even though I am collecting quite a few my self.. 😉
Bah, King Kong, wish I could try that rxd…


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