Diane Preparations

30 11 2010

You, yourself, as much as anybody in the entire universe, deserve your love and affection.

– Buddha.

3.30 pm – WoD @ CCF

WU: Row 1’42.8 min/22 spm. Parallette passtroughs, DU’s and some Dynamic work

A. 5 * 5 Sumo Deadlifts:
102kg/5, 111/5, 125/5, 134/5, 143/5

B. Five rounds for time:

  • 7 HSPU’s – amrap in rings, then on the mat.
  • 7 Deadlifts @ 111kg
  • 33 DU’s

Times: 1’50 min (5 Ring HSPU/5 reg), 2’25 min (3/2/1/1), 2’50 min (2/2/1/1/1), 2’50 min (2/2/1/1/1), 2’38 min (2/2/1/1/1)

C. Tabata KB-press Bottom Up @ 12 kg, let weak side deside:
6/6, 7/7, 8/8, 9/9

Cool Down: +1h of Mobility Work and Foamrolling

I forgot one thing in my programme explanation yesterday, I have to do two 500m rows as warm up each week with an decreasing time cap. First week it’s sub 1’45 and then I am suppose to drop 3s per week until I get sub 1’30. Also I have to get two other rowing sessions in each week, may it be in a metcon or pure rowing intervals, just get it done!

I haven’t done ”Diane” in more than a year and since CCF mark their end to a challenge with her on Monday, I felt that a little extra training wouldn’t hurt. Not that I wouldn’t need these excercises anyway, hehe.
Choose to go with sumos since I’m going for new excercise and wanna save my lower back now that I start to slowly build up the volume again and I must say that they felt really good. Never heavy, but of course the butt started to go off early when the weights increased.

For the metcon I was again inspired by OPT and one of his followers that did what I did, finish of each set on the ground, in a wod posted not too long ago. (This is also why I got confused and did 10 reps first set, even though I had programmed 7 across).Ring HSPU’s are super fun, and hard, and I do let my self come off pretty easy some times. The first one is always the hardest, in the way it’s being done from the bottom, and I’m not sure I do have full ROM for all the reps. However, it felt good to get all the Deads unbroken, (broke only one set of DU’s), and to actually get my last round faster than the ones before is very unusual for me. Maybe I am on my way of becoming a decent athlete after all.

Bottom Up presses was the first time for me, wanted to go with 16kg but it was really wobbly when I tried. The fact that I got more reps for each round is just a proof that I do adapt when working in new moving patterns, so I am satisfied.

Really nice braai tonight and maybe just a little to much Pinotage, but tomorrow is planned to be an active resting day and after doing doubles for a couple of days, I think that’s just what I need. Since internet down here is basicly like sending smoke signals, I will post my video of today’s work tomorrow instead, but hey, life is not about stressing things…






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