Don’t make me laugh…

29 11 2010

…at least not tomorrow..

3.30pm – WoD @ CCF

A. 5 min of 3-pos Snatch ozm @ 43kg:
(Floor to Squat, knee to power, hip to squat).

B. 3 × 3 Snatch Balance @ 61kg
3, 3, 2+1

C. Bar gymnastics, 3 min rest:
(Try to stay on the bar between excercises).

  • 5 Pronated Strict Behind the neck PU’s
  • 5 Supinated Strict CTB PU’s
  • 10 Strict Leg Raises

Unbroken, unbroken, 5+5/10

D. 5 * 3 L-hang Skin the Cat + 1 ”lowering front lever”

E. Tabata GHD’s:
10, 10, 11, 10, 10, 8, 7, 6
Total: 72 reps

Technique work for snatches worked fine, missed the last s-balance forward, no biggie. So my goal is as said earlier to get the bar serie done for five rounds, unbroken, with 2 min in between rounds. Gonna build it up slowly and stop when I have to break a set. Feeling stronger already in the pull though, more solid keeping the midsection tight and legs straight. Only the grip/forearms that need more work I would say.
Ringwork also getting better and my legs were straighter then before through out most sets, even though it might not look like it on the pics from the last round… 😉
Tabata was just the finisher that probably is going to get me to know excactly where my abs are at all time for days to come. Actually pretty surprised to get theses numbers, don’t think I can get much faster than getting 10 reps across, which will be a goal if I do this again.

So to my programming. Just a short insight into the details of what I plan to incorporate

AM Workouts:

  • Beach Workouts 2/w.
  • Beach Runs 1/w.
  • Lions Head 1/w.
  • Longer Hike/Trail Run 1/w.

PM Workouts:

  • Olympic Technique Work 2/w.
  • ”Pure Gymnastic session” 1/w. (Like today).
  • Longer Metcon 1/w. (20 min or more, Benchmarks mostely).
  • Heavy Interval Metcon 2/w.
  • Strenght Sessions with ”unorthodox” lifts 2-3/w.
  • Max Efforts Olympic Lifts 1/month.

So, the goal is to improve my work capacity first of all and also to get my general strengths up with more gymnastics work. The beachwods will also incorporate gymnastic excercises, a lot of handstands i.e. I plan to not let my self do the ”traditional” lifts heavy, since I do have a history of getting overtrained and collecting minor injuries that way. To be able to avoid getting the weights up the plan is to do for example Deadlifts on an uneven foundation, thicker mat most likely, or  maybe Push Presses with KB’s to keep the weights down and at the same time force me to use more of assisting muscles and getting more agility work in with those as well.

As for the OL’s I don’t wanna get stuck in the hype of overdoing them. Even though I as well think they are fun to do, for me personally I need to keep on vary my program to a bigger degree right now to actually have top motivation for every session. By doing technique work with lower weights, (I promised my self to keep the weights at 80% of 1RM at the most), I hope to improve my technique well enough to actually get these lifts up anyway. I am quite sure that to take a step back and not keep on pushing it, which probably only provides a bad moving pattern for me, will be completely the right thing to do. The max lifts every 4th week is to keep track of the progress and to make sure that I don’t lose my 1RM’s.
Hopefully it will all work out as I hope and I will actually get stronger with lower weights, letting the muscles super compensate more with less stress on the nervous system and at the end of a 12 week period, I wan’t my general lifts to be up without me actually been doing them on a regular basis.

Possible? We just have to wait and see…





2 responses

30 11 2010

Bra GHD-situps tempo, 72 på 3:50 är inte illa, 100 sub 5?

Upplägget ser bra ut, utgår att du kombinerar passen som du gjorde idag så att det inte blir 14 pass i veckan? 🙂

30 11 2010

Japp, nu har jag ju dock två 100 reps sub 5 min projects, måste komma igång med burpeesen bara…
Och ja, teknikpassen OL är så lätt belastning så de kommer aldrig ligga enskilt. Gymnastics kan jag ju egentligen räkna in i beachwodarna osv osv. Mkt kombos men helst inga +1h pass är tanken… =)


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