Closer to Heaven

29 11 2010

To keep the body in good health is a duty… otherwise we shall not be able to keep our mind strong and clear.


Easy to feel like a Titan walking amongst the mountain tops...

Finally time to get to my favourite spot in the entire world, top of Lions Head. Me, Mattias and the dog set out at around 9 am and the setting couldn’t be much better. 20 degrees, that felt a lot warmer in the sun, a cool breeze and barely any clouds at all. Expected it to be a nightmare for my legs, that still are a bit sore from last week, but strangely enough, considering I haven’t done this in 3-4 months, it felt quite easy! Didn’t push it, nore time it, but still we kept going all the time and I felt strong all the way to the top.
Stayed up there for 15 minutes or so, doing some yoga and meditation, how could I ever get a better start to any week or day?

Today I start my own programming, can’t wait to get into the gym. Won’t get into details right now, but my hope and belief is that I will get stronger without pushing the traditional lifts even close to any max. ”Unorthodox” excercises or lifting techniques with a big focus on gymnastics and conditioning is suppose to get me into the best physical shape of my life. Let you know the details later on and of course it will be very interesting to see if I’m totally out of line or if I will succeed in my attempt to forge elite fitness… 😉






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