Beach WoD aka Who needs peeling…

27 11 2010

The virtues, like the Muses, are always seen in groups. A good principle was never found solitary in any breast.

– Buddha.


9 AM – Cape CrossFit WoD @ Camps Bay Beach!

”Sandy Helen” – 3 Rounds of:

  • approx. 550m Beach Run
  • 21 KBS @ 24kg
  • 12 Burpees

Time: 13´39 min

Great group of people that got together to do the first beach wod of the season! Think there was 15-ish of us that started out with 5 rounds of somewhere around 50m sprints. On to the main wod I had no plans but to not kill my self on the first run. Experience is a good thing and when the rest of the guys in the first heat set off straight ahead I immediatly crossed over to the waterline and enjoyed the harder packed sand there. Kept it together pretty well at the first round, but when I saw Cathryn sprinting away for the second run I just told my self to let her go and keep my own pace. Good thing that, burpees in the sand really takes it toll, tastes like.. well sand, and even though I did all rounds unbroken and was probably second after the sprinting woman in total time, I can´t say I am too pleased with my time.

I don´t know what my time was a year ago, (Dave you got my time? ;)), but had some memories of it being just below 13, which either can´t be the case, or we did run way longer this time. We did start a littler further away from the rocks this time, but I am pretty sure that I kept a much better stride in my runs this time so anyway, it felt good and that is all that matters!

After the wod I chickened out on the 16 degree ocean dip, (Hey, I trust in the sun and if it´s not out there to warm me, I am not gonna get cold), but did try one of my gymnastic projects. I wanna go from lying flat into a situp, roll in to a frog stand, into head stand and on to a free hand stand and then roll down again into the next rep. Actually got the first rep quite ok, held the handstand for maybe 1-2 sec and then into the roll. The next one however, I was too eager and went up to early and obviusly fell over. Goal is to get three strict reps!

A little cloudy today and ”only” 20-ish degrees, but after a great breakfast down by the beach with the guys and going to a braai at another beach pretty soon, I can´t really pretend that I wanna be any other where right now…





3 responses

29 11 2010

Haha eller Corona, då får man dålig koll nuffror 🙂

27 11 2010

Hehe, det måste vara nedskrivna siffror för att jag ska minnas exakt men jag är rätt säker på att du kom in 13-14min senast. Jag var hyfsat återhämtad när du körde dina sista burpees!
Hade inte du bloggförbud? 😉

28 11 2010

Haha wtf du brukar ju ha stenkoll på mina nuffror. Kanske för mkt Cafe under den tiden… 😉


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