Back where I belong!

26 11 2010

The only real failure in life is not to be true to the best one knows.

– Buddha.

Not my pic, to busy birdwatching to take any.. 😉

5.30pm – WoD @ Cape CrossFit

A. Power Clean 1-1-1:
61kg/3, 84/1+1, 93/1, 102/1

B. 21-15-9 of:

  • Burpees
  • Thrusters @ 43kg

Time: 6’41 min

Sooo, after a couple of delays, glasses of red wine in airport bars and a surprisingly quick clearing in customs, I was finally down at my favourite beach again! 27 degrees and a burning sun was all I needed to get my mood back in top gear, obviusly the amount of nice looking bikini girls didn’t excactly put me down either…

Then, to be back in the gym and meeting all the guys again was definitely the high point of the day however. Even though it wasn’t that long ago it felt like I’ve been gone way too long, and even though I was a bit sluggish from the +30 hours of traveling, I couldn’t motivate my self not to do the wod with the guys.
With the power cleans, I was a bit surprised to get 102 up so easily, (I didn’t say pretty), especially since my hammies are pretty smoked since the last wod at CrossFit Nordic. Technique felt ok even though I’m still not fast enough into the ”rack”. Could probably have gone higher but it felt good to stop there. For the metcon I didn’t wanna smoke my self to early so I set an approximately 90% pace from the beginning and pretty much kept it through out. First round of burpees unbroken and from there 2-3 breaks per set and exercise. Even though it’s not in any way a super time, I actually think my metcon shape is surprisingly good. Well, we will see tomorrow, when running and swinging for time will be the beach workout, if that’s really the case..

After class me, Roland, Jobst and Ralf went to the ”Hussar Grill” in Camps and considering how much I have been missing South African meat, I couldn’t have asked for a better welcome-back-dinner, thx guys!

PS. I really have no idea why the text size varies here sometime, just don’t have the patience to do anything about it…





7 responses

27 11 2010

Grymt med sol!! är avis…..

27 11 2010

Dont be, be happy for me.. 😉

28 11 2010

Är det också 🙂

26 11 2010

Grym form efter så mycket resande!

Det är faktiskt ännu bättre att vara där än vad det framgår av din text. Jag tror det blir bloggförbud för dig i fortsättningen 😉

26 11 2010

Thx, jag spöade faktiskt närmaste man med 2 min (som körde samma upplägg då), så det känns helt ok.
Haha, du kommer nog hävda det ännu mer efter vi kört ”vår” Sandy imorrn! 😉

26 11 2010
Marcus Herou

Hate you!

Like that wod, think I’m gonna do it next week.

Keep rocking

26 11 2010

Hehe, then you will like Sandy Helen that we are doing tomorrow even more!
Rxd was 15-12-9 reps, but they messed it up in the morning so ofc we had to as well.. 😉
I think it would fit u to do 15-12-9 and maybe with 50kg thrusters? 😛


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