Am I the only one smiling in the snow?

24 11 2010

And might it be because I know it will soon be over… 😉

11.30 WOD @ CFN

A. Good Mornings: 8-8-8-8 @ 80%

B. 6 Rounds For Time:

  • 12 Russian KBS @ 32kg
  • 8 Back to Front and back rolls
    (From Hollow Rock pos without letting legs or arms touching the floor).
  • 8 Borzov = Jumping Lunges

Time: 6’31 min

C. 3 Rounds, not for time:

  • 15 GHD Sit Ups
  • 15 Reverse Hypers

So, when everybody else tried to stay inside for as long as possible I was welcoming the falling snow in my face while waiting for the commuter train this morning.
As said earlier I really wanted to join a group class training and today I did, as expected it was super fun. Mads helped with some cues wich improved my muscle contact immediatly, kept the weight low but still I felt it good. For the metcon I saw that my fellow SM-athlete, Ali, had got it done in 6’47 during morning class, so of course mygoal was of to beat that.Got the first done in 53s and had some dreams of getting in sub 6, wich obviusly didn’t work, but still I’m satisfied. Kept on working all the way without any breaks and kept a pretty good pace.

EDIT: OMG, just found out Ali apparently used 40kg, god damn it that’s impressive mate!

C was obviusly only to get some ”look good on the beach”-training in there…

Tacos with family is probably the best way to end this Swedish winter for me, tomorrow is an active rest day and hopefully I’ll give you something fun to watch from my workouts towards the weekend!





2 responses

25 11 2010

Din jävel, sluta flina! 🙂
Mer häng i februari, förhoppningsvis får jag bjuda dig på en fin pinotage vid havet då!
Vad fick du för ques?

26 11 2010

Hehehe, garanterat! Helt övertygad om att ni hittar det ni söker tillslut!
Han fick mig att böja knäna lite till efter att jag skjutit häcken bakåt, vilket isolerade hammies perfekt… 😛


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