Gymnastics to the people!

23 11 2010

It is better to travel well than to arrive.

– Buddha.

Yet, I cannot help longing for my favourite destination...

10am – WOD @ CFN:

A. 5 Rounds, goal is to not let go of the bar between excercises:

  • 5 Strict Pronated Pull Ups, Behind the neck
  • 5 Strict Supinated PU’s, CTB
  • 10 Strict and straight Leg Raises

Unbroken, 5+5/10, 5/5/10, DNF, DNF

B. 5 * 3 L-hang Skin The Cat, last rep lowers from inverted hang to ”slow” front lever, 2 min rest b/t sets.

C. Metcon from CrossFit Nordic, alternate for six rounds of 1 minute max on each:
Score is lowest on each, times eachother.

  • Inverted Burpees – 8/7/6/6/6/9 (total: 42 reps).
  • Burpee Box Jumps @ 60cm – 12/8/8/8/8/9 (53).

Score: 6*8 = 48

Wanted to do a double today by joining the afternoon class, but it was just not possible with a lot of errands that had to be done. But since Inverted Burpees was something I actually was thinking about doing, why not just rip off their metcon?
First thing first, I wanted to name this post ”Who stole my grip?” at first. Already during the first round of the pu-complex my forearms was cramping and I hope it has something to do with my vain attempts to keep up with Marcus yesterday. My now specified goal is to do these 5 rounds unbroken and with only 2 min of rest in between, needles to say, I will have a lot of time discovering if the journey really is better… 😉
Instead, all of a sudden my grip worked fine for the ring work, so I decided to to 5 rounds here instead of 3 as planned.

For the metcon then, I’ve done inverted once before (like 18 months ago), but this time I threated them as a new excercise and instead of going for speed, I really tried to keep them strict. Went from the floor to squat, to frogstand and then just pressed up into a handstand. Perfect combo of excercises for this time domain. BJ’s obviusly spiked my heartrate and was heavy for the legs, while inverteds kept the shoulders working hard, but also let me recover a little.

This works perfect with my new programming plan that states that I have to put two new excercises in every week, (think I can count both these as new). Well, a new version of any excercise will also be approved, I think this will bring my GPP up a lot!

Tomorrow I really am going to the lunch class and I happen to know that there is another great excercise planned in there that I’m looking forward to try.







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