Just Hanging

18 11 2010

See your self in a certain place and you will be there…

At least one could wish it was so…

1.30PM – WOD, Gymnastics!

A. 5 Rounds, try to keep the unbroken, of:
*Unbroken, meaning don’t let go of the bar while changing grip.

  • 5 Pronated Strict Pull Ups, to neck
  • 5 Supinated Strict Pull Ups, chin breaking vertical plane
  • 10 Pronated & Strict Hanging Leg Raises, torso fixed

Unbroken, Unbroken, Unbroken, 5+5/10, 5+2/5

B. 3 * 3 L-style Skin the Cat:
3, 3, 3

Met up with a very good friend that I’ve been spending way too little time with. Great to actually get to train together again, (we were partners in crime at my finest disco building era), and damn it if Lucas didn’t prove to have a better grip than me.. Today was the first of many to try to improve my gymnastic skills. Did a series of bar-PU’s that I remembered some time ago. Not hard at all to pull up, but the grip? Omg… Had to start breaking at the fourth round, so obvius goal is going to be to get them all unbroken within short, but also to do the supinated CTB-style.
With completly smoked forearms I then tried, and failed, some MU’s but decided to work on some regular ring skills instead. Dave did his best to make me suffer when telling me not to get into a inverted hang between each rep. Instead I did my best to stay in the L-sit position all way through and with completly straight legs. Worked pretty well and guess if that was a good ab-workout? 😉

Gotta say I enjoy this laid back kind of training that has taken over my sessions lately though.

Had a great dinner and movie night with loved ones last night, if it weren’t for them I would be on a flight already. Hopefully it won’t take too long anyway, I need the beach, sun and of course bikini girls pretty soon if I wanna stay alive.






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