Aimless Running…

16 11 2010

Where do we go from here?

11AM – WOD, 34 min Pose Running @ ”Z2-Z3” – approx. 60% forrest tracks, 20% tarmac & 20% mud race.
*Not sure about the different zones, but if Z1: Talking Tempo and Z4: Heart Attack, I pretty much stayed in Z2-Z3.

Just wanted to re-start my body today. Didn’t know where to run or how to get there but followed the water and just kept the feet going. Let my mind drift away and tried not to ”feel” too much. Actually kept a pretty decent pace, don’t know how long ago it was since I did a +30min consecutive run but it felt good.

I guess I’m not the only one feeling quite empty after Saturday’s competition? I mean, when you have devoted the bigger part of a year to get only to this day in as good shape as possible, I hope it’s only natural to wonder what to do next.
I wish I could say that competing again brought tons of inspiration and made me wanna rush back to the gym as soon as possible again, but that’s not the case at the moment. Think I might just need some time to find my love for the game again. However, I also think this is a good thing. I tend to put way too much volume in my training, trying to improve everything at once, which has ended up in me going around with and ignoring all kind of small injuries. Lower back pain here, inflamed elbows there, aiching shoulders etc etc…
That is not why I train. That is not what I am looking to achieve, dooh!

I have given it a lot of thought this past days, and I think I am slowly working my way towards a programming that will help me love each minute of training again. I am training because I love it. I love to work hard, even though I tend to walk away from it sometimes. I love to get in better and better shape, both performance wise and estethicly. No need to deny that I do train to look good as well. I love to be able to do things I haven’t done before and I love varying my training so much that every day has new challenges.

Lately I have been focusing a lot on improving my physique to perform well at competitions, and honestly that may not be the best way to accomplish the above. Instead of looking at different ways to improve my health and overall physical performance, I feel that the last 6 months has been too much zoomed in on chasing new PB’s and improving things that I think may show up at a contest. Even though getting stronger and getting those lifts done, benchmarks improved or whatever, I can’t say it’s been very healthy.

So, what to do? As said, I think I am coming up with a gameplan. Staying away from max efforts in the classical lifts and working with a more varied programming is what I plan to do for the next three months and then evaluate. I’ll let you know the details when I have worked it out, but I’m gonna play around a lot with ”unorthodox” methods as unstable foundations and uneven loadings. Unilateral excercises while using the whole body is also something I wanna play around with to improve my midline stability. I know that raw strength is not the part of my physique that I need to focus on right now, but if I can improve my weaknesses and for instance put more time in doing ring gymnastics and such, I am pretty sure that my overall strength will increase as well.

All in all, it’s all about finding a 100% joy in my training again. If I can put together a programming that makes me wanna go to bed at night, only so that I can wake up for the next day’s training session, then I have succeeded…

Ego Pics from CrossFit SM 2010 if you click here…

Sand Bag ”Run”
From CrossGym
”Where am I? Why I am doing this?” (After the triplet).

Thinking about cutting together a video from the material I have of my self from SM. Hmm, I’ll let you decide!
5 votes in comments for ”yes” and I’ll do it, otherwise no need to put in the effort… 😉





9 responses

17 11 2010

What to do? DUDE, that’s EASY! Get two chocolate chip cookies from the Biscuit Mill, organise 1l of Sinnfull ice cream and lie on the couch until the pain subsides! 3.. 2.. 1.. GO!

17 11 2010

oh, and OBVIOUSLY ….. YES!

18 11 2010

Haha, you are like the bad angel on my shoulder telling me to bulk up when I wanna get tighter, guess I have to keep you company at the Mill for some Saturdays to come within soon! 😉

17 11 2010

Hell yes! Hade gjort en själv om jag haft material, alltid skoj att kolla tillbaka på 🙂


18 11 2010

Sant, ska fixa en idag tänkte jag!
Tack, hade som sagt noll koll. Z5 wtf, tecken på att jag inte kör tillräckligt hårt kanske? 😉

16 11 2010

Vote = Yes!

Känner igen mig mycket i det du skriver i den här posten, träning ska och måste framförallt vara roligt och inspirerande, träning är i alla fall för mig en livsstil, men jag passar mig för att låta både träningen och jobbet ta över livet….det är väldigt lätt när man är en målinriktad människa.

Det gäller att hitta balansen i livet, och även balansen i träningen för att inte dra på sig skador och få maximal utveckling….inte helt lätt alltid… att ha lite kroppsfett, köra få rep på tunga tekniska övningar är i längden inte en fungerande kombo utan bidrar förr eller senare till skador.

Men är övertygad om att du laddar om batterierna, hittar nya mål och hänger snart i ringarna igen 🙂

16 11 2010

Wise words! Nu gäller det bara att omsätta tankar och ord i handling så att man helt plötsligt befinner sig där man vill vara.. 😉

16 11 2010
Marcus Herou

vote = yes

Verkar som om vi känner likadant allihop som tävlat. Dock så kör jag igång igen per idag. Får en bebis till i Januari så man vet ju fan inte hur nästa år ser ut. Hade varit kul att satsa på Games men kommer nog inte hinna med den resan 2011 😦

16 11 2010

First: grattis! =)
Tänk så här då, grundfysiken har du redan, tror att det handlar om att bygga om din programmering till mindre volym och mer kvalité och därför hinna med familjen genom mindre spenderad tid i gymmet! Därmed inte sagt att du kan bygga på arbetskapaciteten med mer volym närmare tävling… 😉


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