Final Preparations

12 11 2010

Belief can move mountains…

And right now I’m telling my self I Am Superman and that I Can do anything!


A. 2 Rounds:

  • 5 CTB PU’s
  • 3 Power Snatch@50kg
  • 25 DU’s
  • 30s rest

Time: 36s + 38s

B. 2 * 25 DU’s (30s): 15s (1break), 12s

C. 3 * 10 High Speed Burpees, (90s): 17s, 18, 17

Met up with some of the guys competing tomorrow for a last chance to keep the body ”edgy”. The atmosphere was tense, you can see fear, excitement and dreams in everybody’s eyes right now. I just love it!
Yesterday was all about relaxing, doing some mobilitywork and eating well. Yet, I am happy that I chose to have that day yesterday and to do some light work today. I am one of those who get sluggish immediatly when I take a day off, so to re-start the body today felt great.
Had to get the feel for the 3rd events excercises and as expected they all had impacts on eachother. Will be interesting to see how I manage to keep it together during the third round… 😉

Gameplan? Well, I have mentally prepared to take a lot of chances tomorrow! For a bunch of reasons I’m gonna try to go all out as much as possible during the first events and risk missing heavy lifts or even bonking to give my self the opportunity to both outperform my self and to at least grab any slight chance I might have of reaching the final event.
All in all this is only a competition and it’s suppose to be fun. What could be more fun than to have given it excactly all that you got, even if you crash and burn, and at the end of the day to be able to say: I could have done nothing more?

I have gone through all the events so many times in my head now, if I will be able to get even close to what I dream of performing, tomorrow will definitely be my day…





2 responses

12 11 2010

Word! mycket, mycket är psykologisk, helt rätt inställning! Lycka till i morgon.

12 11 2010

Kör hårt kompis, det här kommer gå bra!


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