Speedy Gonzales, but not so fast…

8 11 2010

As long as you are in conscius contact with your inner body, you are lika tree that is deeply rooted in the earth, or a building with a deep and solid foundation.

– Eckhart Tolle, The Power of Now.

Feeling pretty fast!

A1. 15 CTB PU for Speed (4min active rest with A2 during the rest).
17s, 17, 16, 16
A2. Mobility wods:
2 min deep squat, 2 min deep squat, 2 min squat/ankle work, 4 min of talking with Dave..

B. 5 * 10 Toes to Bar for Speed, 45s rest b/t sets:
15s, 15, 18, 24, –

C. 2 * 500m Row, 0-100m@60%, 100-200@70%, 200-300@80%, 300-400@90%, 400-500@100%:

  1. Av. per 100m: 1’59min/500, 1’49, 1’41.5, 1’35, 1’32.5
  2. 1’58, 1’48, 1’41.5, 1’36.5, 1.38…

Right now I’m focusing on speed and trying to listen as much as possible on my body. Like why i skipped the last set of T2B’s today, my elbows hurt and already on the 4th set I couldn’t keep them continius, even though I held on to the bar. It might seem like I do scale, shorten and quit a lot of my wods right now, but actually I feel pretty good about it since the sessions this final week before competition really isn’t about trying to add any kind of strenght or endurance, it’s more about tuning in and get the right feel of and in my body!

Was talking to Dave about wanting to get my 15 CTB’s down to 15s, but even though every round felt better, I just couldn’t go faster today. For T2B the basterd ”helped” me with instructions on really getting the full rom, feet behind bar in the bottom that is, and it was way harder to get a smooth kip going. But of course this is what needs to be done to get the reps counted at most competitions so it was probably good to have him there pushing me on to get better reps, Thx!

The rowing, hehehe.. Hope that the legwork from yesterday had a part in my lack of explosiveness today. Just couldn’t get the real pressure in my midsection and for the second round it felt like I had no leg strength whatsoever. Think I hit the percentages pretty good on the first round, for today’s capacity, just didn’t have any endurance left in the legs.

Haha, I just have to share this one! In the blog stats you can see what people was searching on when they clicked on your blog. Wonder what the guy was really looking for yesterday when he googled: ”kill the frog by streching him on a rak”??? 😀






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