Don’t stop believing…

4 11 2010

They say: Keep your friends close, but your enemies closer!
I tried, but close wasn’t really the word… 😉


Can’t get the embedding to work from Vimeo for some reason…

11.45 am, WOD – 5 Rounds For Time (rest 2,5-3min from the last persons finish of each round):

  • 50 Double Unders
  • 2 Rope Climbs, approx. 4m
  • 2 * 1 Power Snatch + 10m Over Head Carry @ 60kg
  • 1 lap run, 163m (80cm obstacle in the end).

My Rounds (and rest):

  1. 2’38 min
    (2 min)
  2. 3’54
    (3 min)
  3. 3’48 (sat out)
  4. DNF
    (well, 6 min then?).
  5. 3’45

Teamed up with TabataDaddy in Solnahallen to get a feel for the location for the Swedish Championships next week! I actually got the honour to put the wod together and even though it smoked me hard, I must say it was a well balanced one. We wanted the Ropeclimbs to be done with our hearts pumping, and that we got..
My snatches wasn’t pretty and I hope it’s because of the deads yesterday. Did keep it togheter pretty well the first round though. Sprinted hard on the running, gained 3s on Jon and ”only” finished 8s behind him. That obv cost me alot from the second round and on. I imagined to be a pretty good rope climber but struggled hard with doing them under pressure and when I tried to use the foot lock it was pretty messy. Really healthy for me to get this practice done before it shows up in a competition!

TabataDaddy, what can you say? He kept every round sub 3 min and his fourth was his second fastest! After the 3rd round I was completely spent, thought about it and decided that the intensity was more important than volume. Actually think this was smart, the last rounds would probably ended up being way to slow to improve anything and now I could at least push through my last round being the second fastest, as it should be.

Superfun wod and great for me to get this kind of sparring. Obv Jon is not my ”enemy”, au contraire I wish him all the best for the competition and really think that if the events fits him, he can put on a hell of a show! Please just don’t make me look too silly next time… 😉
No significant pains in either lower back or elbows, which is a huge plus. Usually rope climbs hurts a lot and to not be more sore than I am after yesterday’s pretty heavy lifting feels great!
Tomorrow I have a really fun one on my schedule, then it’s off to the land of the polses and beautiful commuter train girls again…






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