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3 11 2010

Zen masters use the word satori to describe a flash of insight, a moment of no-mind and total presence.
satori is not a lasting transformation, be grateful for when it comes, for it gives you a taste of enlightenment.

– Eckhart Tolle, The Power of Now.


Good mix of actors!


1pm @ CFN WOD from OPT:

A. Deadlift ”Touch N Go”, 5*5:
(OPT’s programming was build to a though 1).
120kg/5, 130/5, 140/5, 150/5, 160/5 PB!
B1. 3 * 20 Unbroken KBS @ 32kg (10s to B2).
B2. 3 * 15 Clapping Push Ups (3 min to B1).

  • 56s
  • 1’04 min
  • 1’12 min

C1. Back & Hip Extensions @ 1010:
(I added the C part my self).
15, 15, 15
C2. Frog stand into head stand hold:
30s, 30, 30

EDIT Forgot: D. Tabata Hollow Rock 8*20s on/10s off
Actually only got 16-18s last three rounds, blaiming yesterday’s GHD for the cramping abs…

So, I have deadlifted heavy, (over 100kg), like three times since my back started hurting in March. That’s why I chose to go for TNG-lifts, didn’t wanna risk going to the max and just wanted to get the moving pattern in with some heavier weights. Actually this felt reaaally good and it felt like I could have done like 5 more reps in the last set. No pain at all and think I kept my back better than ever in these. Didn’t realize until now that this was actually a PB, well depending on how you count that is cause some say that in deadlifts you should only count reps from dead stop. (Which to me is a bit ridicilous, you don’t do that for your back squat, bench press or weighted pull ups, do you?).

KBS and Clap PshU was fun, kept it all unbroken but as you can see the pshu’s took more and more time to complete. Keep trying to get in a grip that doesn’t hurt my hands and today I kinda let the KB hang in my fingertips and it felt great! Didn’t get too exhausted from this, but still tired enough to re-plan my C-part. Wanted to get my 100 Burpees in, but actually I felt smart when I decided to save my pressing muscles, shoulders in particular, that took a big beating last week. Besides that, even though back extensions are painful, they’re a ”little” easier than burpees… 😉

After training it was Family Night and me, my mother and my brother went to the cinema and saw ”Due Date”. Starring Robert Downey Jr. and that Zack Baffybaffy or whatever his name is (guy from The Hangover) it felt like a safe card, and it was. Very funny movie and with a dinner previous to the film and some popcorn to go with it, may not be paleo but hey I have Incan genes you know, I think that people, (people as in me), spend way to little time doing these kind of things with their close ones. I for one, sure do…





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3 11 2010

Kul att höra att ryggen höll! Jag funderar på att köra typ samma pass som förstapass när jag kommer tillbaka.
Angående 5 RM T&G så är det ju klart att det räknas, men det är tyngre med dött stopp och det kommer troligtvis bygga upp ditt 1RM mer(som i pressen).

Sugen på filmen, Robert D Jr är grym men jag var dessvärre inte särskilt impad av hangover…

3 11 2010

Ja, hoppas det känns lika bra imorrn! Ah, jo men så tänker jag oxå och eftersom bara att kunna marklyfta repetativt är viktigare än att maxa 1rm nu för mig så gjorde jag nog ngt rätt då.. 😉
Jag tror passet kan vara nyttigt för dig, får jag coacha ska jag fan få dig att lyfta lite närmare din kapacitet oxå! 🙂


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