2 11 2010

Do your best and let life do the rest…

Robin Sharma, Discover your destiny.

1pm WOD from OPT

A1. 3*3 Front Squats @ 30X1:
90kg/3, 100/3, 110/3
A2. 3*25 Pull Ups:
CTB 25, BF25, BF 10-5-5-3-2
B1. 3*3 High Hang Squat Clean:
60kg/3, 60/3, 60/3
B2. 3*20 GHD Sit Ups:
20, 20, 20

Rest 90 min (45 min for me).

C. 8 Rounds of 25s Row Sprints/2 min rest:

  1. 150m/605 av. w.
  2. 148/581
  3. 147/569
  4. 143/524

  5. 146/558
  6. 142/513
  7. 142/513
  8. 142/513

Total: 1160m / av. 546w

Finally, I’m feeling postive again! No big numbers, but I was able to squat decent weights without any back problems and to get the second set of PU unbroken after doing CTB felt good. Not deep enough on some of the squats perhaps, but I was satisfied with my positioning and as said, just to be able to do them is an improvement by it self.
High Hang was pretty hard and I fought hard to get the shrug and full extension going. Felt better for each rep, probably meant to be that way. GHD’s easy and pretty consistent in speed, around 40-45s is improvable but ok for me.
For the rowing Amany decided to join me, and that was very helpful. If she is strong or I’m weak I don’t know, probably a combination, but she kept rowing only 10m shorter than me per round for almost all 8 rounds!
Anyway, here is where the ”big” improvement came along. Every round was better than last week, in total I got 14m more meters and the average wattage was ofc way better. That no round dropped under 500w and I managed to keep it together for the last three is what I’m most satisfied about.

My entire mindset fels better right now. I have come to terms with the fact that there’s not so much I can do right now about my fitness level towards SM. The numbers I’m getting right now, good or bad, will only be an indication of if I’m tapering like I should, and without jinxing my self, I feel pretty confident that I am.

I will just make sure to eat clean, listen to my body, do my best in each session and then lean back and let life do whatever it has in store for me…





2 responses

2 11 2010
Marcus Herou

Tycker att du hade ett riktigt mysigt pass idag 😉

Ja dina cleans blev bättre & bättre och till slut riktigt bra! High hang passar inte mig, kan ju inte använda nåt av det jag är bra på 🙂

du… poke angånde passet ahem hehe

2 11 2010

Haha, ja nu för tiden kan jag säga att jag älskar OPT, perfekt volym… 😉
Thx, det var bra att du var på mig med shrugen den saknades helt i början!
Mailade nu, sorry, glömde som väntat…


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