I <3 Denmark!

31 10 2010

Well, let’s not excaggerate but this weekend has been great!

And now I’m also a certified CF-trainer.

I was actually a bit worried about the written test, especially since I didn’t get my hands on the Study Manual until late night (my own fault being lazy ofc). But, I skimmed through it last night and decided to trust my male intuition and eventually it all turned out well. I’m pretty satisfied to get 43 points of 45 with 35 being the passing limit, not so hidden brag… 😉

˜11.30 am WOD, Amrap 8 min:

  • 7 Med Ball Cleans @ 20lbs
  • 7 Push Ups, Games 2010 Standard(!)

Result: 14 rounds 5 Cleans

Obviusly the instructors wanted us to implement some of the movements from yesterday and even though I was aiming for 16 rounds, I think this is pretty good. Got the highest score in my half of the group, don’t know about the others. Jeez, this is turning into more of a bragging post than planned, but I can at least admit that the ”lift the hands in the bottom”-part of the PshU was though. Way harder to breath in when you are absolutely flat on your stomach, surprise!

So what’s up with my love for the Danes? Well, first of all it was Claus, also doing the certification, who first drove me from the military base last night and then stopped and picked me up on the side of the highway when I was walking there this morning. Not that I have any problems with walking, actually kind of like the sightseeing feeling of it when I’m somewhere I never been before, but still very nice gesture.
Then there’s also the american couple who did the same thing tonight and drove me back from the base to Birkerod, (30min walk maybe), where I almost got lost, asked a local man for directions to the train and then he too incisted on driving me there! Might not be much to you, but for me it’s not that usual that people actually really wanting to help each other out for no reason at all but being friendly.

Another great thing about this country is actually the girls. I had some kind of illusion that they wheren’t that hot before, but this weekend I think my shoulders are less stiff than usual because of all the ”neck stretching” going on just on the commuter trains..
So, now before going to bed and dreaming about Danish beauties, I will finish my chicken salad that destiny picked out for me. I decided to go to the place with the shortest line in the mall style cinema building next to the hotell, ”chockingly” enough the salad place was empty and Burger King packed.






8 responses

2 11 2010

Grattis Yogi. Kan jag komma till Zuma-land och köra en wod med dig som instruktör nu?

2 11 2010

Thx, haha självklart du är mer än varmt välkommen när som helst när jag åkt ner igen! Kan inte lova en träff med presidenten him self, men att hitta någon av hans 52 hustruar för en autograf borde ju inte vara några problem… 😉

2 11 2010
sarah Grey


2 11 2010

Thx, you danish beauty, you! 😉

1 11 2010

Grattis Chris!

Jag har lite problem med nacke/övre delen av ryggen. Naprapaten säger att jag behöver stärka trapezius, nacken, m.m.
Han har gett mig tips på olika övningar, men känns inte som det hjälper fullt ut. Skulle behöva lite tips/programmering, sugen på att hjälpa till?

MSN/Facebook funkar om du har tid 🙂

1 11 2010

Thx! Haha, du bor ju nära Danmark så mitt tips är bara att åka över sundet och åka runt i deras tågssystem hela dagarna… 😛
Maila mig på FB så ska jag se om jag kan ge dig några tips, dock är ju en naprapat förhoppningsvis mer utbildad än mig inom anatomi!

1 11 2010

Verkar som att danskarna tydligen förstod dina vägbeskrivningar bättre än vad vi gjorde också 🙂

1 11 2010

Hahaha, måste va just det att DE fick stå för väghittandet och inte jag… 😉


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