The things we do just to get our daily fix

29 10 2010


..,a recurring compulsion by an individual to engage in some specific activity, despite harmful consequences, as deemed by the user himself to his individual health, mental state, or social life.

– Wikipedia

8.30 am @ CFN (Thx guys for letting me squeeze this session in during class hours!).

A1. Hang Squat Clean – 2, 2, 2, 1, 1, 1, 1 (90s b/t 1&2):
70kg/2, 80/2, 90/1+F, 95/F, 95/F, 90/1…
A2. Bench Press – 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1:
100kg/1, 110/1, 120/1, 130/1, 135/1, 145/F

Rest 5 min

B. 3 rounds for time:

  • 21 Thrusters @ 40kg
  • 7 Muscle Ups

Time: 14’12 min

Alarm was set at 6 am, obviusly didn’t get out of bed until 6.30, but still. Missed the first bus since I couldn’t find my passport and was stressed already when I stepped into the box. Warm up, decent, but would have needed much more mobility work for the shoulders. 2nd clean at 90 was never an attempt, grip gave up in the hang. First miss at 95 was in the hole and only cause my stiff shoulders couldn’t get into the rack pos quickly enough, annoying. 135 in the bench was really easy so I decided to go for a PB, which barely left my chest..

Not satisfied with my numbers at all, but without making excuses I think the circumstances makes me forgive my self this time. It was suppose to be 3 mins between cleans and bench but there was just not time for that today, maybe I should have gone for 3 or 4 rounds instead. Rest between A and B was meant to be +6h, bah. First time ever that the though part of my MU’s was the ring dip. I’m just guessing here, but maybe the pressing before had something to do with it. 😉
Actually thought about cutting it at two rounds to be sure not to miss the train, but TabataDaddys words about me being able was echoing in my head and as said, the things we do…

So, after the wod I went straight for a 2 min shower, ran to the subway, obviusly too stressed to have time to put socks on, (but never without my recovery pants!), and now I’m sitting here on the train to Denmark for the Level 1 Cert, still sweating like a douch and thinking that maybe, just maybe, I could have let this session slip?

Nah, I am an addict and proud of it, because it makes me happy. It’s all worth it at the end of the day.






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