Don’t listen to the little guy on your shoulder!

26 10 2010

So do not be concerned with the fruit of your action – just give attention to the action itself.
The fruit will come of its own accord…

Eckhart Tolle, The Power of Now.

A. Snatch Cluster: 1 Hang Power Snatch, 1 Hang Squat, 1 Power, 1 Squat * 5 sets, (3 min rest between each cluster):
40kg/, 50/, 55/1.1.1.F, 55/1.1.1.F, 50/
B.  Snatch Grip Deadlift @ 31X1 4-6 * 5 sets:
60kg/6, 65/6, 70/6, 75/6, had to run to get lunch…


2,5h rest including lunch with smoked salmon, baked salmon, veal steak, carrots, hoummus, etc.

Part 2. ”Barbara”, 5 rounds of: 20 PU, 30 PshU, 40 SU, 50 SQ, 3 min rest
Goal: All rounds <5 min & first 3 Unbroken, Dream: sub <4 min & all unbroken, Shame level: any round over 6 min…

  1. 2’47 min
  2. 2’57
  3. 4’20
  4. 6’20
  5. 5’34

Total Time: 22’05 min

At least the first two rounds was ok…

Another splendid example of my ability to crash and burn.. I don’t expect any miracles right now, this week is all about volume (7 sessions in 4 straight days), so I’m just happy if I can get through it like planned. BUT, I did want my snatches to act a little more normal. Yesterday my ripped hands and pinching lower back kept me out of any numbers worth mentioning, today I cant use that as an excuse.
Anyway, Barbie is something the devil created for sure. The reason I remember my lunch in detail is cause I had to swallow it all again from the 4th round and on. And as Rickard said ”The rest between rounds IS to long!”. I had all the time in the world to start making excuses and after the third round I was actually basicly in the locker room before I managed to fight off the ”stop hurting your self demon” on my shoulder and decided to finish it off under any cirumstances. During the fourth round I thought the demon was back when I heard another smurf pushing me on, but then realized it was just Dave, trying to keep me going. Sorry for any obscene gestures mate… 😉

Positive? Well, I DID finish it! And, I got the first 3 rounds of PU’s unbroken. With pacing this wod would be something else, but actually I don’t care about the times at all right now. To find my highest gear is priorety no 1!

Yesterday I didn’t have time to post my wod since I went to see my kid sister dance in a school show, which once again made me the proudest rooster in the building. Can’t believe how skilled she and some of the other kids actually are!
Had a really nice dinner, where I played Jamie Oliver and kind of made the recepis up, and even though it wasn’t the plan from the beginning, both bottles of Cafe Culture, (my favourite South African red), was empty before it was time to sleep. Guess it goes without saying that it was a really nice night!





3 responses

27 10 2010
Marcus Herou

Bra val. Om man kör CTB så bör man sänka antalet reps något. Blir för normalfolk som mig löjligt mycket ilska i underarmsvilan på typ varv 4 😉

26 10 2010
Marcus Herou

Hata Barbie!

Sista gången jag gjorde henne var med CTB och då ville jag skjuta mig… Vilan är ond den gör att man pallar att knäcka sig varje varv.

Första gången jag gjorde den så körde vi jaktstart och jag startade 1min bakom Eric. På tredje varvet var jag ikapp och han fick besök av Pukie 🙂

27 10 2010

Hehe, mmm jag hade lite ideer om att köra CTB, rätt glad i efterhand att jag lät bli..


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