Man enough to scale?

21 10 2010

Or not man enough to do it rx’d…

At least I had fun and it felt good to be back in ze gym!

Long video, but I’ll think you’ll enoy it… 😉

1.30pm @ CFN, WOD from OPT’s Pre-Regional programming in April 2010:

A. 4 Rounds:

  • 15 Power Snatch @ 60% (45kg)
  • 250m Row @ 80% (kept all rounds just sub 1’45/500m)
  • 15 Power Snatch @ 50% (37,5kg) *Didn’t do these last two rounds ”because” of a cramping lower back.
  • 3 min rest, meant to be 2 min…

Result: 4’24min, 6’52min, 4’28min*, 4’38min*

15 min of active rest, see the vid.. 😉

B. 4 Rounds:

  • 15 Unbroken Pull Ups (Chose to do the first two rounds CTB)
  • 75 Double Unders
  • 15 Unbroken Pull Ups* (My choice again: Chin Breaking Vertical Plane – only first round unbroken!).
  • 4 min rest, meant to be 2 min…

Result: 1’53min, 4’17min, 4’08min, 4’58min

I have decided to ”follow” the OPT-programming from before the Regionals. However, I have picked out a period in the beginning that I think I’ll benefit from and then after a pause in the end of Oct, (doing a Level 1 Cert in Denmark), I will do the last period just before SM. Of course I can’t help changing a little bit in the wod’s, trying to work on my weaknesses and also do stuff a little different from what I usually do, like the supinated grip for second 15 PU’s today. Also, I wanted speed on the reps today, (didn’t really get it), so I went for longer rest between the rounds.
Had a weird pinching high in my glutes on the right side this morning and on the second rounds rowing it cramped up pretty bad, making it impossible for me to keep a ”good” posture for the lighter snatches. Think it was wise to exclude them from there on.
PU/DU-metcon was insane. Trust me, nobody needs bicepscurl, ever! The pump in my forearms was ridicilous and it didn’t help that my supinated grip chin ups suck. Fun wod, and even though the numbers isn’t much to brag about, I had no expectations on doing any miracles today anyway. Just once again proved that my muscle endurance is like the one of a cheetah, I think I’m pretty fast out of the blocks but then I just die…

So, what have I been up to during my rest weak? Let’s make a list:

  • First three days, I did Nothing.
  • Mon-Wed I did some light running, yoga and midline work in the mornings.
  • I found my way back to Yoga Today again and it was awsome! Didn’t hurt that the free class of the week focused on hips and hamstrings.
  • Finally, after 14 months, upgrading the OS on my iPhone! That also helped me discover the incredible app called ”Sleep Cycle Alarm” – it supposevly wakes you up at the right time during your sleep and after three days I can actually say it works!
  • Stopped drinking red bull, completly, wich for me is the same as cutting off an 8 year addiction. Unfortenately the right time of waking up from above doesn’t stop me from going into coma a few hours later.
    I… need… my… red bull…
  • Laughing at my self when I realized I actually sat up straighter when this super hot girl came and sat next to me on the train today. She had the perfect pornstar/girlfriend look and I giggled even harder when I saw my self trying to look cool, obviusly failing miserably.
  • Oh, yeah! I also was babysitting my mothers Chiuahua, who goes by the name of Tyson. Unfortenately for him, the name doesn’t really suit him, he’s an even bigger princess than I am! Tuesday morning, I was thinking ”Cool that I now have a dog that forces me to go out and run, even though it’s actually raining”.
    He didn’t agree and after the first 300m I had to turn around since the little bastard refused to move. He was standing on three legs, whining since he didn’t want to get his paws wet, wtf…



Lucky for him he's cute enough to be forgiven anything...


Tomorrow is a fairly light strength day, but on Saturday my, now cramping for any kind of movement at all, forearms are suppose to handle a Hang Squat Snatch Ladder for time. Interesting.






6 responses

21 10 2010

Välkommen tillbaka!

Men vad hände med håret???

Styrkan sitter ju i håret.

21 10 2010

Haha, thx men det har vi ju redan konstaterat! Men du vet, långhåriga killar får ju inte lägra de där pornstarlooking girlsen. Eller vänta nu, det är ju precis det de får – F¤CK!

21 10 2010

”look” såklart

21 10 2010

Hahaha helt underbart 🙂 ”She had the perfect pornstar/girlfriend”

Om ryggen fortfarande jävlas imorgon kan jag checka av den om du vill

Fint hoppande bland pullupsen idag!

21 10 2010

Hehehe, well det var min första tanke när hon klev på så..
Tack, just DU var nog det enda som funkade ok idag, men nu är jag på gång iaf! 😉

21 10 2010

Och ja tack, ryggen känns ok nu men gissar att det kommer va lite sköna låsningar där imorrn!


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