Consistency Runs

12 10 2010


For now, this is what this situation, this moment, requires me to do, and so I do it willingly…

– Eckhart Tolle, A new Earth


We're men, we're men in tights!



8.45 am, HHOD: Yogaman’s routine, Tibetan Rites, 20*15s Plank Positions, Mobility Work, Meditation. +1h.

15.30 5 Rounds – On the start of every 5th minute:
Goal: Every run sub 1’10 min & max 1 break/pshu round, Dream: sub 1’05 min & pshu unbroken, Shame Level: Any round over 1’15 min…

  • 1 lap around the gravel track, ˜360m*
  • 50/40/30/20/10 Push Ups
  1. Run: 1’03 min – PshU: 50 (time after Pshu: 2’08)
  2. 1’03 – 22/10/8 (2’59)
  3. 1’06 – 12/10/8 (3’28)
  4. 1’12 – 10/5/5 (2’26)
  5. 1’10 – 10 (1’28)

* Today it struck me that I could look the track up on MapMyRun and even though that might not be 100% correct, as suspected the track is not 400m.

Maybe I could have got my goal of  consistency for the runs done if I kept it back a little in the beginning? First round felt swift and approx at just sub 90%, second more like 95%. Third 99% and fourth I seriously contemplated taking off in the third corner and run to the bathroom to throw up. Kept it together though and that is probably the best thing with this session. Push Ups felt easy on first round but then I think yesterday caught up with me cause I stiffened up a lot. Actually when I think about it I’m not too disappointed with my runs today. If we play with the thought of adding 10% on my times to convert to 400m runs, (obviusly not totally transferable but anyway), I think that they are pretty decent. Being me that is, and also considering the fact that it is a gravel track.

Btw, Cape Town, I miss you like a wife missing her husband lost in war. I miss you like a dog misses his master after 1 or 10 hours. I miss you like I as a teenager missed my X when I thought I’ve lost the only love of my life. (Later on, I obviously realized I would come to love nearly every beautiful woman crossing my way). 😉
Going home on the scooter after running I almost thought I was going to lose my nose, 7.8°C is just not meant to be my kind of temperature. If it weren’t for the precious time I really want to spend with my loved ones right now, I seriously would be on a plane tomorrow. If I don’t freeze to death before going back, I will seriously worship your african sunrise close enough to every morning…





4 responses

12 10 2010
Marcus Herou

Mycket bra wod, hatten av. Oerhört drygt psykiskt med så kort paus mellan sprintarna. Pshu är ju iofs paus men ändå.

Löpning är grejen, undrar varför vi kommit på det i oktober!!!

Keep up the good work!

13 10 2010

Agree, löpning istheshit! Fast verkligen inte i Oktober. Därför jag tänkte ge mig ut på en liten recovery run i 2.4 graders ”värme” just nu…

12 10 2010

Fina löprundor, jag tror pushupsen hade blivit perfekt avvägda om du hade hoppat över den första med 50 st. Hoppas du slipper bli lika sargad av löpningen som jag blev!
Och vad ä det här för dumheter med 360 m banor överallt? vem springer 400 yards? Det lurar ju bara oss att tro att vi är sprintkungar! 🙂

Sista stycket var nog det visaste du har sagt, jag håller med dig om allt 🙂

13 10 2010

Haha, jag visste att min frusna poesi skulle tala direkt till ditt Cape Town-älskade hjärta! 😉
Ja eller hur, har vi nånsin använt yards i Svea Rike liksom…


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