10 10 2010

Memories is what makes life special…

Thx ”DJ” Alex for this awsome song, sorry about your sis… 😉

I remember a party full with awsomeness in so many ways it wouldn’t be justified to try to describe it. I remember meeting old and new friends. I remember dancing, karaoke and doing other cool stuff, showing off my full potential. I remember great food and wine, lots of wine. I remember ”hijacking” a cab and somehow getting out of the same one to walk instead. I remember not remembering where da f#ck I was and being lost among the streets of Uppsala for something that at least felt like an hour or more. Then.. I don’t remember how I ended up half naked on the couch at my sisters mothers home, where I not at all were meant to sleep…

I do remember talking to a 44 year old grandfather(!) and then trying to dodge his cute daughter’s attacks on the dancefloor. Needless to say I wasn’t very successful in the dodging area.

I also do remember being the proudest big brother ever, seing the super cool and beautiful young girl my sister has becomed. Since I’m sure she will stay this way for ever, good people has it within them, I don’t doubt that I will be prouder and prouder each day and I don’t doubt that I pretty soon will have to start having CIA-style interrogations with the young boys who soon enough will be knocking on her door…

Anyway I had the time of my life, sorry Swayze for my karaoke version yesterday, and feeling unbelievably grateful to be so warmly welcomed by my sisters family on her mothers side. Warmest of the all was the birthday kid her self, who by no way could be taken for her 40 years we all celebrated last night. Their arms were all more than wide open and I can’t in words explain how lucky I am to once again have them in my life. No one but me can, and will, make sure that I won’t be a stranger for years this time!






2 responses

11 10 2010

This is beautiful, Chris. I actually really needed to read this today, thanks.

Now all you need is a long-term multiple-entry visa for SA. 🙂

11 10 2010

Thanks, I did see your note on FB about going home to meet the parents soon. Unfortenately I won’t be there early enough to tell you how not to do (out of my own wide experience on the subject ofc). But, I’m always listening, that you know! 😉
Regarding the visa, let’s talk about it. I’m going to use a regular 3m tourist one first but I’ll tell you about my plans in private…


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