Proper Education

8 10 2010

All I know, is that I know nothing…


6.35am HHOD: Yogamans Routine, 5 Tibetan Rites, Mix of Mod-WODs, Meditation – Total time +1h

1.30pm WOD @ CrossFit Nordic

A. 5 * On ze minute: 2-pos High Snatch @ 40kg (hip/mid thigh)

B1. Snatch High Pull 3*2-3 (90s):
50kg/3, 60/3, 70/3
B2. 1 Clean + 1 Split Jerk + 2 Snatch Balance (90s):
50kg/1+1+2, 60/1+1+2, 70/1+1+2 (+1 Rack Jerk!)

Technique part:

C. Muscle Up practice:
1 strict, 1 ”strictish” + 7 kipped = 8 reps, PB!

D. From CrossFit Main 21-15-9 of:

  • KB-Snatches Left @ 24kg (5/6/5/5, 5/5/5, 5/4 – same for right)
  • KB-Snatches Right
  • CTB-Pull Ups (regular PU rx’d) (21, 8/7, 5/4)

Time: 9’23 min

E. ”Terapeutic Intervals” 3 Rounds of:

  • 5 Muscle Ups (5, 3/2, 3/1/1)
  • 15 GHD Sit Ups (15, 15, 8/7)
  • 50 Double Unders (2 breaks: 23/49!!, 1: 5, 1: 4)
  • 60s Rest

Oh, here is my new MU-PB as well!

Back in the gym after three days of recovery and chasing my sore throat away. Felt as welcome as always. Mads, crazy dane, gave me some pointers on the Snatch Balance and they were at least a little better with the lighter weights. Peter gave me good pointers for the KB-snatches and I think that saved my grip a lot, thx guys!

Not much to say, techniquepart went comme ci, comme ca. Muscle Ups was a very pleasant surprise and I didn’t decide to go for ”max” until the fourth one felt easy. Metcon, great that body worked ok again. Did not do as posted on main finishing one side KB before the other. Didn’t see the use of that, however I think I’ll benefit from getting more CTB’s in my training. All PU butterfly and felt good to get first round unbroken. Extra MU’practice, GHD and DU? It’s a fine line between genius and madness and since my forearms is cramping right now, just from typing, I think that was an obvius act of the former… 😉

Even though, as the title insinuate, I do need much more educational training, it feels really good to be back!





6 responses

11 10 2010
Marcus Herou

Amrap 20 min Linda
3 DL
3 BP
3 SC

shame 15, mål 20, dream 25 varv men efter 5 varv så kommer jag väl önska att jag aldrig blev född 🙂

nä jag menade 2:or i ctb men rätt trist ändå.

Ctb Fran? Usch men bra WOD. Varför inte 50kg Thrusters för att balansera?

11 10 2010

Ouff, tror det är lätt att crash and burn, men som sagt roligt pass jag gillar Linda! 🙂
Aha, jo men PUs har jag fått smaka dödlig trötthet i några ggr, som sagt inte roligare på ngt sätt..
Well, jag tror att bara själva burpeedelen på varje thruster, man gör den på stången som jag har förstått det, kommer suga tillräckligt för att jag kommer vara väldigt tacksam för att slippa extra vikt… 😉

10 10 2010
Marcus Herou

If you want CTB practice, try the saturday wod at (inc the wpu). Strange but DU smoked me so I could only do 2-3:s all the way!

Breaking 30 reps in 2:s is not good for confidence 🙂

however I got 60 CTB reps which hopefully accumulates to something good.

Hopefully see ya at CFN this week, I travelled home last thursday.

This/next week I start to train for real beginning with 20 min amrap Linda 🙂

10 10 2010

That looks like a fun session! Im gonna do the CFN Fran version with burpeethrusters and ctb tomorrow I think! 🙂
Haha, 2s in DUs is never fun. Dont think I have been that smoked since I started strining them together, but then again I probably rest to much in my sessions anyway.. 😉
20min amrap Linda? 10s all the way you mean or what? Sounds like fun anyway!

9 10 2010

Nice med muscleupsen, de verkar ha släppt ordentligt nu! De ska inte vara något hinder på torsdag! Hur gränserna uppsatta? 🙂

10 10 2010

Thx, ja fan! Älskar ringarna på CFN! 🙂
Torsdag it is, shame: 30, goal sub 25, dream sub 20? 😉


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