Finding my Zen

7 10 2010

Found a cool online guide today!

”Why must I meditate in order to achieve enlightenment?” demanded the prince of the teacher.
”I can study, I can pray. I can think on issues clearly. Why this silly emptying of mind?”
”I will show you,”
said the teacher, taking a bucket of water into the garden under the full moon.
”Now I stir the surface and what do you see?”
”Ribbons of light,”
answered the prince.
”Now wait,”
said the teacher setting the bucket down. 
Both teacher and boy watched the calming surface of the water in the bamboo bucket for many minutes.
”Now what do you see?”
asked the teacher.
”The moon,” replied the prince.

”So, too, young master, the only way to grasp enlightenment is through a calm and settled mind.”

– From

South African Yoga by the Pool!

8.15 HHoD + WOD:

  • Yogaman’s RoutineMix of Sun salutations and Warrior poses
  • The Five Tibetan Rites5 reps of each.
  • 20 Plank positions – 15s each = 5 min total
  • Hollow Rock – 10 * 10s on/10s off
  • M-WOD #45 + 46
  • 15 min of bottle and ball rolling

Total work time: +1h

Still struggling to get my Holy Hour of the Day in when I want it, which is at sunrise. Today I’m using the weather as a poor excuse, there was no sun! 😉
Rain and clouds also got me to skip the running, (probably good to let my throat get another day of rest from high heartrate excercise anyway), but that didn’t stop me from both breaking sweat and working quite hard in today’s wod. I need to build a stronger midsection for sure, but those damn plankposes just kills my shoulders at the end. Also the rites was quite long ago, I like them alot and aim to get them back into my weekly routine.

I feel full of energy today, so come on Life, let me stay healthy and give me something creative to work on!






2 responses

7 10 2010

Snart frisk kompis?

8 10 2010

Det får vi reda på idag! Slår dig en pling om nån timme.. 🙂


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