I knew it!

5 10 2010

I’m probably one of few that actually feels good about waking up with a sore throat?


I had a feeling something was wrong in my body, as I wrote yesterday. What felt worse was that I couldn’t pinpoint what it was. But, this morning my throat is a little bit sore and it feels like a blessing! Not knowing why I wasn’t performing was really hard mentally, so to have something to ”blame” is doing wonders for my self esteem. Actually I’m not ill, body doesn’t feel sick, except for lower back/right hip that woke me up like 20 times during the night, and my throat isn’t swollen. It just hurts a little when I swallow, guessing and expecting this will past quickly.

Besides, I do need something that forces me to rest since I clearly have problem with doing the right thing on my own. I’m just going to eat very clean, no Ben & Jerry’s to comfort my self, gah why did I start thinking about Half Baked!? Anyway, need to sleep well and really put the Holy Hour of the Day-concept into play. Hopefully it will be only a few days, and then, with new planned interval-style & super intensive metcons, Superman will be back once again!





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6 10 2010

I was sick with what I thought was cold and turned out to be a sinus infection for four days last week.

Turns out the rest really helped; took it pretty easy Friday/Saturday but I could feel the difference Monday and yesterday when I came back.

Then, of course, like an idiot I decide to train today after a VERY bad bout of food poisoning yesterday. Took it easy, but still … why? Especially when I knew better. Silly, silly…

Well, rest up and I’m sure you’ll start smashing it when you get back. Also, good to know it wasn’t the hair … 😉

6 10 2010

Hey, no jinxing plz! 😉
I already feel better so light running tomorrow and then back at it on Friday is the plan. And, yeah dont take it personal, but that WAS stupid. Training after food poisoning…
Hope it worked out for ya and u get back to 110% soon enough!
PS. It wouldve been fun if it was the hair, then pretty soon I would have it down to my waist…

6 10 2010

Eh, I felt so much better that I thought I *was* better … only realized too late that I was very weak! Didn’t push myself much though and didn’t go running in the evening as I had planned…

Glad you’re feeling better though! Love the bit about eating out of the oven, I do that all too often when I don’t have guests, LOL. Oh and if it was the hair you would be wise not to publicize it – everyone needs a secret weapon!

5 10 2010
Marcus Herou

Yup, rest is all good even though I have no clue what you are talking about 😉

5 10 2010
Marcus Herou

Remember me having something like you describe a few weeks back?

I trained the entire time but did NO metcons!

A friend of mine gave me a nice tip. If you have two or more symptoms then it is definitive ”do not train” sign. Like when you have issues with both your nose and throat.

Tricky business resting, friend of mine rested a month and got no better 🙂

I always force my body out of limbo into either real sickness or suddenly the sickness surrenders and goes into sickness heaven. I will probably die before the end of this year 🙂

5 10 2010

Hehe, sounds like a plan! Im taking this as a sign that I need to rest. Been in desperate need of it for a long time so will try to listen to any complaints my body makes what so ever. Besides, even though its boring as hell 2-3 days of rest will only make me more hungry! 😉


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