29 09 2010

”You are a human being. What does that mean?
Mastery of life is not a matter of control,
but of finding a balance between human and Being..”

– Eckhardt Tolle, A new Earth


11 am, WOD:

A. Every 3rd minute – 5 * ˜150m Hill Sprint @ 90%:
26.8s, 26.6, 25.8, 26.4, 25.4

B. 20 Plank Positions for 20 sec each = 6 min total.

Body is craving a lot of sleep. Been setting alarms and then snoozed for hours every day since I got back from Denmark. Decided to see if that in combination with a slightly irritated throat was something on the edge of breaking out or if it just was time to awake the body and get back into business!
Hill sprints felt ok. Never went for max speed, but my legs didn’t respond 100% anyway. Didn’t feel heavy or so, just not that explosiveness I had last time. However, recovery between intervals felt fine and I think I’m ready to go back to the gym soon. The plank workout was something I found online a while ago, and damn, it was though! Actually had to make small breaks towards the end cause my shoulders was so burned out. Sweating and breathing hard from plain midline stability work? Guess I need to do more of this…





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29 09 2010

Länk till plankträningen?

29 09 2010

Jobbig music men here you go:


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