Active resting in shape

22 09 2010

The Buddha says that pain or suffering arises through desire or craving
and to be free of pain we need to cut the bonds of desire.

– Eckhart Tolle, The Power of Now

10.30 am, WOD – 5 min light pose running, warm up mobility and then:

A. On every 3rd minute, approx 150m accelerating Hill Sprints @ 70-95%

  • 26,8s
  • 26,6s
  • 25,7s

B. Yoga, stretching and meditation, 30 min

Well, I’m not sure I agree fully with the Enlighted one on this one. Sure, in many ways I do, but I also beleive that people need goals and aim to be the best they can be at all time. Hence ”desiring” improvement both physically and mentally. Nothing wrong with living a prospering life as long as it’s not the ”things” you crave that runs your life.
Anyway, set my finishing line approx 10m further away and focused on being explosive all the way up the tarmac hill. Felt good all the way and never pushed it especially hard at all..

A lot of mobility work and stretching is what’s going on in my solitude out in the woods. Not complaining at all tough, today the sun is shining and it’s all very peaceful here. Perfect for contemplating times and mentally preparation for the coming weekend in other words.






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