At least I can Jump!

31 08 2010

Surprisingly enough my body asked me to chill down, what’s even more surprising is that I actually listened!

12.30pm – A. Snatch, technique work up to 6-7 lifts on 61kg.

Rest 60 min

B. ”GHD-Annie”:

  • 50/40/30/20/10 Double Unders
  • 25/20/15/10/5 GHD Sit Ups

Time: 6’12 min PB!

C. 3 rounds of 30 sec each, with 30s between excercises:

  • Frog Stand
  • Head Stand
  • Wall Stand

D. Today’s

I expected to be really sore today from yesterday’s max lifts, but actually felt quite ok stepping in to the box. What happend next was that I had planned 1RM attempts for Snatch, and I was just off. No explosivity, no midline stability and stiff & hurting wrists and hands made me relize that ”maybe” my CNS did take a beating anyway.. 😉
Decided to just work on technique and did some Hang Power Snatches mixed with Power Snatches. Couldn’t really decide what to do, tried a Muscle Up but then the insides of my elbows screamed so put that in for tomorrow instead. Another reason for my lack of energy might have been that I tried to train on an empty stomach today. I’ve done it before, and it just doesn’t work for me. So, when Jobst & Roland invited me for some grassfed lunch I gladly accepted.

One hour later I felt better, during the warmup I finally managed to string rope jump cross overs together and my GHD-Annie is a fat PB with almost two minutes! Went all-out and really tried to do speed-DU’s wich felt good. I told my self that when I break my own PB for a regular Annie (6’40 min), I have to do the GHD for full reps as well. Guess that’s what I have to do next then!
Balance work was quite easy, even though my triceps got really tired in the end. The MobWOD was just awsome as always..

Tonight, finally I made a reservation for ”Carne”, a mean meat restaurant that I fell in love with on my first visit a little more then a year ago. Have been longing to get back since then, so my expectations are quite high!





One response

1 09 2010

Surt att missa Carne senast! Hur var det där nu igen med höga förväntningar? 🙂 Blev de uppfyllda?

Riktigt snabb GHD-Annie, den där tiden får du behålla oslagen av mig den här gången 😉


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