And some more shoulders perhaps?

27 08 2010

For being a man who want’s to live without excuses, I use them quite often…

10am Morning-WOD, POSE Beach Runs @ 75%. On every 5th minute for 4 round: get from side to side, rest the reminder of the 5 min.

  1. 4’01 min
  2. 3’47
  3. 3’43
  4. 3’45

Just light running to get my stiff body working. Again I was amazed by what nature has to show. This time 3-4 whales was playing around even closer to the rocks and there was also a couple of superfast dolphins swimming around the whales, so cool!
Could have stayed there forever, but was already a bit off my schedule. So feeling a bit spoiled and stupid not to really appriciate the show, I cursed my self once again for not getting a better cam then my iPhone and headed back for breakfast before it was time to lift some weights…

A1. Front Squats, Wendler 5/3/1+:
84.5/5kg, 95.5/3, 106.5/5PB!
A2. Bench press, Wendler 5/3/1+:
93.5/5kg, 106.5/5, 118.5/5

Rest 10 min.

B. Over Head Squats, find 1 Rm:
61kg/5, 70/5 PB!, 79/3 PB!, 88/1 PB!, 93/1 PB!

I really shouldn’t whine after a session like this, so this is just facts: Not surprisingly, my triceps, and upper back was completely smoked today. Already during the warm up sets I started cramping up and the familiar elbow ache showed up a little higher, just above the elbow, which led me to start losing confidence. Really didn’t expect any good numbers at all, so I am really happy with all this. Bench, I’ve done 5 * 120kg before, but considering how seldom I do bench press I’m satisfied to be around my max strength.

The OHS, was of course a part of my plan to strengthen up the bottom position of the snatch. I guess you can say it shows that it’s been a while since I did these. 93kg was actully not especially heavy, a little wobbly in the jerk to get it up, but I will try for 100kg within soon and see no reason for why I shouldn’t get it!

Right now there’s is three fine pieces of ribeye waiting for me on the braai, together with some steamed cauliflower, broccoli and some greek olives this will however only be my first dinner. Only had breakfast and some proteins around my training session today and trust me, gonna need a lot of energy for tomorrow’s morning session @ CCF. It’s gonna be legendary…






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