Rest day

25 08 2010

Forgot to take a pic of today’s braai, but this what was put on it:

High protein, low fat and zip carbs - I love birds!

Took an early walk down to some rocks just south of Camps Bay this morning and did yesterday’s MobilityWOD just by the sea. Walked back and then did today’s one. After a quick breakfast and a shower, I then went down to Dr. Stuart for a not so pleasant needling session. My back is giving me a hard time and I’m recognizing the symptoms from when it cramped up. But now, several hours after the threatment, it actually feels much better. Hopefully it’s 100% tomorrow for my 1RM attempts, because except from that I feel strong!

So, weather was awsome today again which made it impossible not to braai again. Today’s amazing dinner was approx 500g of garlic bombarded Ostrich fillets accompanied by a salad of avocado, tomato and feta cheese – damn I’m a good chef! 😛






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