It’s pulling me down…

24 08 2010

There’s a lot of things I’ll miss about this place when I leave…

...800g of beef on the braai at sunset is def one of them!

1pm WOD:

A. Weighted Pull Ups, strict supinated shoulder wide grip, Wendler 5/3/1+:
19.5kg/5, 32.1/3, 44.6/2
B. ”Buy-out” – 20 Strict CTB Pull Ups, pronated normal wide grip:

Rest 30 min

C. 5 Rounds:

  • 5 Muscle Ups: 4/1, 1/1/1/1/1, 2*1 Struggle Up + 5 Ring Dips, 2*1 Struggle Up + 5 RD, 1 Struggle + 5 RD
  • 20 GHD Sit Ups: 20, 20, 12/8, 12/8, 12/8
  • 50 Double Unders, max 1 break per set that has to be over 25 reps: 50, 50, 50, 50, 40/10

Time: 27’20 min

D. 3 rounds:

  • 3 Skin the cat + Max Tucked Front Lever: 7s, 7s, 7s
  • Assisted Iron Cross, arms on the outside of rings: 15s, 15s, 15s

E. Mobility: ”Accumulate 10 minutes in the deepest squat position possible, twist and move around to stretch different angles and squeeze the knees back whenever you have so squat up.”

Little disappointed to not get more reps in the weighted PUs, but for me it’s way harder to do them strict then with a kip. Got 3 more strict CTB than last week anyway.
”Metcon” was meant to be muscle ups all the way obviusly. However, after reading Blairs Blog about how he felt that being used to the false grip MU slowed him down during the CrossFit Games 2010, I tried to do mine with a regular ”pull up” grip today. Way harder to string them together that way and when I couldn’t get my right arm to do the progression right in the last ones of the second round, I decided to do as written above. Still need to work a lot on the progression, luckily enough I’m strong enough to struggle my way trough to the dip position. GHDs felt good and obviusly I thought about how cool it would be to get all my DUs unbroken around rep 39 on the last round, and missed the next one… 😉

Getting slowly stronger in the tucked lever, still think it’s pathetic that I can’t do a full one though. Mobility was something Roland showed me that he read in a new blog from Kelly Starrett, and it felt great. Apparently this new blog will post a mobility-WOD every day, which I plan to follow.

Rest day tomorrow and then I’m gonna try to get my BW-Snatch on Thursday, might as well aim for 80kg since my eating habbits keep pushing me closer to that than 75.

Chose a beef that actually fits the plate? Maybe next time...





6 responses

24 08 2010

Jag tror att det är svårare för de flesta att göra dem okippade 😉

Grymt att du fixar MU utan falsegrip nu, MU är ju verkligen inget hinder för dig nufötiden!

24 08 2010

Haha, very true.. Well, det är nog mest för att jag inte är så bra på false grip.. 😉

24 08 2010

Underbar mängd!

Tror jag kommer att kopiera ditt pass rakt av för morgondagens mys…

24 08 2010

Just do it! Tror garanterat att en Monster-Jon på humör kan åtminstone halvera min tid med MU/GHD/DU… 😛

24 08 2010

yummie in my tummie, that steak look pretty nasty! 😛 måste banne mig grilla, var på tok för länge sedan.

trevligt med videor från passen, intressant att beskåda. har du sett att de släppt datum för SM och vad säger du – blir det anmälan!?!

24 08 2010

Haha, nasty or tasty!? 😉
Well, det är ju planerat väääldigt sent för min numera Sydafrikanskt klimat-inställda kropp. Väntar nog in i det sista och ser om jag orkar vara kvar i kylan så länge…


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