Feeling the pressure…

23 08 2010

Sometimes it feels like I have the world on my shoulders.

1pm WOD:

A. 1 Snatch Deadlift + 3-pos Power Snatch on the minute for 5 min @ 48kg, Mid tigh, knee, floor.

B1. Box Squat, Wendler 5/3/1+:
90kg/5, 102/3, 113.5/7+
B2. Shoulder Press, 5/3/1+:
56.25kg/5, 63.75/3, 71.25/3 PB!

Rest 10 min

C. 3 Rounds For Time:

  • 5 Ground To Over Head Anyhow @ 61kg
  • 5 Burpees

Time: 1’37 min

D. ”Buy-Out”: 20 Turkish Get Ups + Windmill @ 24kg, alternating sides.

Time: 12’22min

Very stiff all over today. Did a short walk, some Yoga by the beach and stretched a little in the morning but still my neck and upper back area felt super compressed. Trying to force my self in to the right position for the second pull in the snatch, but still it only looks good from the hang. Letting my hip go first and rounding my back when doing them from the floor…
If I was fast in my lifting this Saturday, today was anything but fast. Needed to foamroll, softball roll and keep my neck moving at all time to avoid cramping up totally. Wanted 5 reps in the press but I just couldn’t find any strength in the last part of the extension. Still a PB though!
For the box squats, it’s hard to do this to max. I can keep on repping ”forever” with these weights, but am trying to stop when I no longer keep my knees back enough from the bottom position. Feels good techniquewise now anyway.

The metcon was the ”Pre-FIT AS F*CK-Challenge”. One day to late to compete, but I had no illusions of beating the crazy sub 1min-finnish guy anyway. Also it was of course fun to ”compete” and beat Mr. Roland. 😉
Pretty satisfied with my time and don’t think I can do this much faster, no chance I can powersnatch this weight for that many reps right now anyway. Would be interesting to do a touch n’ go-Grace, since I think that would crush my last time when I dropped the weight and re-set between every lift.

TGU/Windmill was a long time ago. Tried to do ”perfect reps” all the way and the ‘for time”-issue was just to stop me from slacking. Great exercises for stability and flexibility!

Went to Dr. Stuart after training and my trapz was slaughtered by his needles. Apparantly he also found signs of a mental pressure, with me not wanting to accept some issues in my life, as a cause for my compressed upper back. Might sound like mambo jambo, but might also be spot on since I really don’t wanna leave this place anytime soon…





3 responses

24 08 2010

Förresten håll fokus på ryggen även vid metcons, du vill väl inte göra Dr.Stuart onödigt rik?

24 08 2010

Tack, jo det här var ju ok trots allt även om man aldrig är nöjd..
Jag vet, fan jag tyckte jag hade bra koll på det där tidigare men nu har jag börjat tappa iväg höften i bottenläget igen.. Kanske Starretts mobilityWODs kan hjälpa! 🙂

24 08 2010

Får jag säga att du är stark i pressen den här gången då? 🙂


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