Lagoon Beach

17 08 2010

Big Boy Rolands B-day today so a few of us went out to a place I’ve never visited before.

Lagoon Beach, great iPhone-pic! Not...

Awsome setting and a great thai restaurant that served great food. So after a very hot ”Angry Beef”, which demanded some rice to not burn me from inside out, it was pulling time!

3pm Yogaman’s WOD

A. Weighted Pullups, supine shoulder wide grip with chin breaking vertical plane, 3/3/3+:
28.5/3, 33/3, 38.5/3
B. ”Buy-out”, 20 Strict CTB Pullups, Pronated wide grip:

Rest 30 min

C. 5 Rounds for time:

  • 3 Muscle Ups
  • 10 GHD-Sit ups
  • 20 Unbroken Double Unders

Time: 13’43 min

D1. 3 * 3 Skin the cat + 5s Tucked Front Lever
D2. 3 * 30s Frogstand Hold on Parallettes
E. Head Stand Hold, 65s.

So, this eating more to let myself benefit as much as possible from this strength phase would probably work better if I ate more and not less of the things that are good for my body and did not cheat as much as I’ve been doing. 78.5kg morning weight today is about +3kg from where I usually am, and it doesn’t help my weighted pull ups apparantly, (duh!). I’ve done 5 reps with 38kg extra before so this was disappointing. Time to get tighter again…

Sheepishly hoped I could go through the MU’s unbroken, but didn’t anticipate how much the pre-pulling would punish these. Actually missed the third twice on the third round, but from there on no more misses. Technique is getting better here anyway, pulling tighter and the transition is much more like it’s suppose to be.
Frog stand was to build more stability for my free handstand project. After the minute in head stand, used a much wider hand position today and it felt good, I actually tried to push my self up from there. Think I was about 2mm of the ground before I fell like timber…

Tomorrow is gonna be a double. Starting with Hang Power Cleans and Snatch Balance, I then will get a good chance to run some extra weight off. Happen to know that tomorrow’s class, which I’ll attend, is a leg killer – can’t wait! 😉






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