Front Squats & Rope Climbs

14 08 2010

Today’s metcon setup:

Ropes, Parallettes & a freakingly high box!

10pm Yogaman’s WOD:

A. Front Squats, Wendler 5/5/5+:
84.5/5, 90/5, 95.5/7
B. Metcon, 3 rounds for time:

  • 3m Rope Climb, only arms!
  • 5 True Push Up/”Parallette pass through to full extension of hip and shoulder”*
  • 5 Box Jumps, 100cm

Time: 6’45 min

C. 40m Walking Lunges with 2*20lbs Medicine Balls: 1’48 min
D. 3 * 5/10/15/20m Shuttle Run: 1’01 min

FS felt a bit heavy right from the start, might be a little punished from yesterday’s cleans? Went as deep as possible, trying to keep my elbows high and when they felt like they might start dipping in the last set, I racked it. Think I have a few more here…
Metcon was fun, wanted to do the rope climb from the parking, over the first floor and then reverse bear crawl all the way up to our 4th floor. Obviusly the only car on the parking this Saturday had parked excactly where the rope has been attached. (Not our rope so didn’t wanna move it..). On the second round the pshu/pass through combo* got really hard and also the box suddenly grew on me.. 😉
*Have a video of this one that I’ll post soon, I usually use it in my warmups but since it feels quite functional I tried it in a metcon first time today – awsome!

Weighted lunges with the balls over my shoulder was my ”buy-out” and the shuttle run is just something to still my guilty consciense, the last few ”Train like a man, eat like a man”-philosphy has caught up to me and today my morning weight was 77kg! Don’t really bother me that much during this strength phase, but I don’t wanna lose conditioning so guess I’m gonna keep on running more and more.

Beauuuutiful day in CPT today, so my guess is that our braai is gonna be legendary – might even try the pool even though it’s middle of the winter! 😛






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