Short WOD

10 08 2010

Felt a little mentally off today, so I cut the work load down…

11.30am Yogaman’s WOD

A. Warm-Up, amongst other things, ”Mini Flight Simulator”: 1’49 min
B. Wendler Weighted Pull Ups, Supinated shoulder wide grip:
19,5kg/5, 25,5/5, 33/5
C. ”Buy-out” – 20 Strict Pronated CTB-Pull Ups:
D. Skin the cat, 3*3 plus a little L-sit in between

Biceps and lats still pretty smoked from my 50 pu last Friday. Especially the lower left biceps tendon could be used as a perfect string for Robin Hoods bow. Had to roll on the soft ball and try to massage it out after every set. Think and hope I’ll get a big revenge on the weighted ones next week. Strict CTB is pretty darn hard, missed to touch the bar on about 3-4 reps that I had to redo.
Was suppose to do assistance work with GHD & GHR, but felt off as said. Saving that for tomorrow.

As I suspected, the Kettlebell-Snatch is suppose to be much more of a swinging movement. Thx Jon for shipping me this instructional video!

A smart guy would have looked this up before doing my metcon yesterday… 😉






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