Prowler Madness

7 08 2010

Saturdays usually have quite hectic WODs @ Cape CrossFit and the fact that there were only three of us showing up today didn’t change that very much…

Three happy campers, after a finished prowler wod!

8.30am Yogaman’s WOD

A. Front Squats, 5-5-5-5-5: 61kg/70/84/93/102 PB!

B. ”Prowler Madness” – In a team of three, finish ten rounds each of:

  • 1 Prowler Push down and up (parking lot, approx 15m one way)
  • 3 Ledge Jump, approx 50cm

When the first person has finished his/her prowler the next one can go, but the team has to wait for the last person to finish his jumps before they start another round. One box jump per person is added for every second a round exceeds 2 min!

Total Time: 16’57
Penalty Box Jumps: 0!

C. Preparation practice for free hand stands, try to get +60s on each:

  • Head Stand: 30s (fail, video below), 75s
  • Frog Stand: 70s
  • Hand Stand against wall: 63s

Wow, there’s no way I could have anticipated how freaking hard the prowler would be! We started out with 40kg for me and Roland, Ellie went for 25 first, and I stayed with that for the first two rounds and it was sooo heavy for the legs. Next three rounds we dropped to 25kg, wich Roland then stuck with the strong $#^(#*$, while I actually went down to 15kg for the last 5 rounds…
The parking lot we did the wod on is slightly ”leaning” but that doesn’t make up for how ridicilous it looked on video afterwards, at least compared to how macho it felt during. I might cut a vid together, just need to make sure I want to embarass my self that much. To our defence, prowler on tarmac is giving quite a bit of friction, but I still felt like a little girl getting taxed from pushing 15kg’s around.
Anyway, we kept well out of any penalties and there wasn’t much delays at all between each persons push. Good job!

Wanted to test my theory about squatting not hurting my lower back and also see if I was around the same strength level as before, (for my wendler next week), and it actually felt great. My mobility is way better now and even my ability to keep my elbows high has improved a lot. Wow, looking at it now I relize this is actually a new PB for me, haha! Well, so much for loosing strength without heavy squatting. I actually worked through theses sets quickly and was never close to max, more to come then I hope!

The balance practice was someting I read about in the article I found on Jon’s blog about free hand stands. It said that when you could do these three for 1 min+, you are ready to start working on free hand stands. Only one that was close to max was wall stand so guess that’s what I’ll have to do then. Maybe I should remember to use the mat though, it could go worse then it did in the video below. But hey, it looked funny anyway…

After the WOD we stretched, foam rolled and watch some clips from the CrossFit Games Affiliate Cup this year. And even though I feel like someone used me as a foamroller, this was a pretty awsome way to start a Saturday if you ask me, thx guys!





8 responses

8 08 2010

Well at least you could have corrected the crap that came out of Google Translate! My Swedish is pretty non-existant except for the German words you stole … Bilder, etc.

8 08 2010

Hahaha, never! That’s the best comment this blog ever got and ever will get for sure! 😀

7 08 2010

Jag gjorde samma sak de gånger jag var tvungen att rulla ut. Tack och lov så hade jag övat 😉

Laborerade också lite med att ha händerna så nära i linje med huvudet som möjligt. Vet inte om det ger något eller inte, men visst ställer det högre krav på balansen.

7 08 2010

Jag har alltid haft en förkärlek för att göra mig illa innan jag lär mig hur jag ska undvika det, istället för tvärtom… 😉
Tänkte så jag med, ska provas asap!

7 08 2010

Haha, vilken fantastiskt rolig video 🙂 Pang! Lär dig rulla ur headstand är mitt tips. Det är enkelt.

7 08 2010

Hehe, visst är den. Jag började faktiskt släppa trycket på händerna för att va så ”avslappnad” som möjligt, sen gick det som det gjorde… 😛
Fråga (om du ser), borde man kanske träna på att ha händerna rakt ut från axlarna för att simulera hand stand balans mer?

8 08 2010

Och glöm inte att sätta mattan var du ska minska till! 😉

8 08 2010

Hahahahaha, Google Translate <3!


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